Landing 90days

So after the hotfix for some reason my landing after 90 days went down from 79 to 17 why is this?

I was actually taken out of grade three aswell i was so confused but i flew on expert 3 days ago from Dub to lhr.

You clearly did a lot of landings 91 days ago (62 to be precise). Those now no longer count towards the Landings (90 Days) stat.

You need to keep doing landings in order to maintain your grade.

Well f in chat 😭

As said above, BennyBoy is correct. You’ve landed 17 times over the past 90 days. On the 27th and 28th June you landed about 55 times, mostly at Heathrow, which would explain your sudden drop in recent landings. :)

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Damn i didnt know i was that deep into my school work😂😭