Landing (90 days)

Hi there, I was wondering about the 90 days landing count because I do at least 2 or 3 flights per day and like clock work, my landing count will go up for 3 days but then the 4th day, it seems like the total count goes down by 3 or 4. For example, this week I did some flights everyday this week and the landing count finally get to 140 again, however just as I suspected, the count decreased from 140 to 136 after landing at JFK just now. So my question is, is this an issue or am I doing something wrong because like as I stated earlier, I land at 2 or 3 places every day
… thanks a bunch. Quick note I do remember creating a topic about the same thing, however, this time around I don’t quite understand why is the landing counts keeps decreasing if I’m doing at least 2 or 3 flights per day.
Device: IPad Mini (latest model)
Operating system:iOS17.3.1

Everyday landings will drop off from the 90 day count. You may have some days where you didn’t do any landings at all or for example you had 4 landings on Day 90, by Day 91 those 4 landings will drop off from your 90 Day landing count.

You can counter this by consistently doing some pattern work at an airfield if you choice, just do a few landings per day and you should be fine.

That’s the thing, i only missed one flight in the last I’d say 4 months I believe, I even do patterns, like 3 or 4 sometimes just to make sure it doesn’t decrease.

All it takes is one of the days, 90 days ago, where you did more landings than the current day. And your 90 day count will drop by the difference in count.

It also might be a case of timing: what time of day you did those fights 90 days ago vs when during the apparent current day you did your flights, as far as if the crediting will look like it’s going up, staying constant, or going down a bit.

But it’s a rolling total value. So, if you maintain the same stream of average landings per day (and you might be accomplishing that by doing your landings in a bunch every other day, or twice a week or something), but if the same level of landing count averaged over time, then you should be roughly maintaining the 90 day count.

The thing is, the 90 day count won’t grow, unless you increase your average per day.

And it won’t shrink, unless you decrease that average per day.

But of course your “lifetime” count always goes up by the total of all your landings.

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That actually makes since

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