landing 90 days

from yesterday to today my landing in 90 decreased by 100, how is that possible ?
I went from 4 to 3

Means 90 days ago you did 100 landings.

Pretty amazing numbers to put up.

Maybe you did 100 landings or touch and go’s 91 days ago?

impossible I did 90 landings in one day

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I think that would be the only reason to explain how your landings went down so dramatically in one day.

Try restarting your device if you can confirm that. When did you do those 90 landings?

I am telling you is not true

Then follow the step above, do a full restart of your device. You could also try logging out and back into Infinite Flight. A screenshot of your grade table may also help.

Simple, the date moved forward one day and what you did 90 days ago dropped off. The 90 day landing count is a rolling window.


From another post I did explaining it… Look at this calendar.


  • The Yellow Cells indicates 90 days. The red text is the number of landings on each day.
  • If we totaled this up right now, it would be 120. (This is an example, not your real stats)
  • You can see that there are no landings on today Jan 3rd.
  • If we move forward to tomorrow, Jan 4th becomes yellow and October 6th turns white and “falls off”.
  • You would then lose those 5 landings you did on 10/6 since it is now outside of the 90 days window.

thanks please close topic