Landing 2 times only counted 1

iphone 12 pro:

Just finished EGCC-EGLL-LFPG (start flight @ EGCC, land @EGLL, take off @EGLL, land @LFPG end flight @LFPG). I think it should have counted 2, but in the flight summary & stats, only counted 1. Any information/issues? Thank you

Was your power at idle both times? Did you land in the touchdown zone each time? Hopefully this will help!

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Also, what server is this on?

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Is this the reason that make my landing @ EGLL not counted?😅

Still @ training server

Yes that looks like before where the runway starts.

As it can be seen with the taxi speed warning, you actually landed before the runway, therefore not being counted as a landing.

Solved. Thank you guys