Landed with 0kg fuel flying KJFK-YSSY QF7879 near 20 hours!

I flew the Qantas Research flight 7879 that was flown last year (QF7879 (QFA7879) Qantas Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware) from KFJK to YSSY. I tried to recreate the routing as found on the Flightaware log and almost crashed at landing because of fuel. I don’t have photos from the flight itself, but I literally touched down at YSSY with 0kg fuel and the plane stopped on the runway… yikes!

I taxied at KFJK on one engine, did step climbing to save maximum fuel, but was faced with 100-130 knot winds beginning about 4 hours away from touchdown, which led to this…

Flown on the Expert Server / Flight Time 19h58m

162kg remaining at the 1,000 callout

3kg remaining at the 50 callout

Both engines powerless right at touchdown.

Stuck on the runway with no fuel. Ew, off center…

Flight log!

Now I gotta go try the EGLL-YSSY route too!

EDIT: Heathrow airport ICAO code was wrong. Updated!



and would be better suited for general since the UI is there

Nice, I flew EGLL-YSSY, but had to make an emergency fuel stop.

This topic seems more suited for #live and if you meant for this to be a #screenshots-and-videos topic, make sure you follow the guidelines.

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Hey, welcome to IFC, EGLL instead of LHRK also either EGLL/LHR. But, unfortunately I saw your post say no display someone and no HUD important. Very nice the flew longest haul!

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this is a typo right

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Yea, when I typed it, I typed EGLL, but I guess that didn’t happen

I did YPPH- EGLL with the 380 i ran out of fuel 3 secs before touchdown.

Oh yikes. Didn’t know about the rules. Should’ve read them over first. Sorry about that! And yes, EGLL… don’t know what my brain was thinking after that 20 hour flight lol.

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You could repost, or as you asked a mod could move it.

Figured out that I can actually move it myself! Whee!

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Congrats 🎉 those type of flights aren’t exactly easy especially with chances of phone/pad overheats so massive props out too you!

Looks like you definitely had luck on your side on that landing! I’ve had a no fuel 787 landing before now, but that was my fault for over-sleeping and waking up to the stall horn! (Landed at a nearby military Singaporean airport then carried on to a staffed WSSS).

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Wow! I love these long flights! I did a long 25 hour flight in the A350 and had almost no fuel on landing. Was really amazing once done!

i did yssy-egll in the 789 with 130 knots headwinds in australia and remained at FL300 ,then i climbed to FL360 for better tailwinds

Wow nice, and 12,000 XP, incredible, nice job.

Wow… Congratulations 🎉
You made it. Flying nearly 20hrs none stop, I’m not ready to do this because I don’t have that much patience like you did. Nice job, man.

Wow you are very lucky lol.

This may be a bit late since it’s already posted, but you could always have went into replay to get some.

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