[Landed] Track me on LiveFlight

Welcome om board! Me and a friend of mine decided to do a long haul flight tonight from London Heathrow to Mumbai.
Track us! Or follow us.

My friends' flight



British Airways, Speedbird 199 - Rik, FL350, Mach 0.78

Mine flight



British Airways, Speedbird 199- MIKA, FL350, Mach 0.78

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I see that you guys are flying the 777-200ER, which flies at a Mach Speed of 0.82-.84
Your speed (M 0.78) is a bit too slow, just so you know :)

I know but I have to land about 0530Z, so that’s why we fly so slow :)

I understand, and if needed you could always extend the flight to Chennai :)
And of course have a safe flight guys + happy landings ✌️

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Thanks! You too, in you have plans to fly today 👍🏼

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Thanks! Landed not so long ago at SFO after a 11h flight from Taipei and i plan to takeoff from somewhere to somewhere tomorrow morning @ 0400Z…

Cool, send me your LiveFlight link and I’ll see you there

Just noticed that Etihad doesn’t fly to SFO, so change of plans…
You could always search up my name “Captain_JR” on LiveFlight and you’ll see where i’m headed off to tomorrow.
I have nothing planned to final so we’ll see where i fly…

Want to discuss any further, shoot me a PM :)
And if you’d like to tag along on my flight then be my guest but be wary of that i like to fly alone for the most part, i’m a very solo type of person so keep that in mind…

That’s a shame, I don’t have LiveFlight Horizon.

Oh my bad, i assumed that you had a Sub at LiveFlight, sorry :(
Anyways i’m sure we’ll meet someday, and dunno whether you fly on Expert or TS, but i only fly on Expert all day everyday so you are at a high chance of spotting me there, until then… Long Hauls and Butter Landings ;)

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You too buddy! See you there!

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I just checked both your flights, but from the LifeFlightapp I get an error that the flight doesn’t exist.


Ah, you’re doing this on the Casual server… would have been good to know this…
I do like your flightplan; it has both the departing and destination airport in it. Nice.

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No, we were flying on TS1

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