[LANDED] Tour de France- @ LFPG- 091700ZFEB19


Server: Training

Airport: Depart: LFPG
Arrival: LFPO

Time: 2019-02-09T17:00:00Z

NOTAM:Please respect ATC or the Unicom, follow me in first i will give you more instruction after, spawn 15min before departure. The flight plan will be showing in the game just copy my FPL.This is my first event if you see some mistake **

We will taking of from LFPG and fly over Chambery, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Rennes and then come back to Paris but in LFPO


Air France(inclued skyteam airfrance)

For A319-100 and A320-200
-E21: @Jens_Severin Airfrance011 A318
-E25: @Sashaz55 Air France 454 A320-200
-E29: @JuicyMoose Air France 483 A320-200
For B767-300,B777-200ER,B777-300ER,B787-10
-K70: @Silvanus_Krisna Indonesia 2402 B777-300ER
-K71: @Captain_Khalil Air France 9878 B787-10
For B747-400 and A380-800
-K26: @Lufthansa454 Air France 714 Super A380
To reserving a gate send me just your callsign, aircraft and the gate

Tower/Ground LFPG: @samdog27


Hello I have two questions can I get gate K26 to SFO and what date is this event?


Yes of course you can tell me which plane and your Callsign
The event is for February 9th, 2019 at 1700Z


My callsign is southwest 321 and ill take K13


Okay, do you know which plane you’re going to use?


There is no K13 but E13


I will go in an A380 and my call sign will be Air France 714 Super


No worries, thanks to you


Your welcome


I’m sorry I’m terrible with Zulu time what time is that in central time?


What country are you from?


I’m from the USA


You can Chek now


can i join?
Call Sign : Indonesia 2402


Alright you want a particular Gate?


Nope… any gate is fine


Alright I give you gate K70


Okay… thank you


You are welcome see you soon


Air France 483 E29 A320-200 please