[LANDED, THKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED] Welcome to my birth city @ EPKK - 261400ZOCT18

Welcome to my birth city
@ EPKK - 261400ZOCT18

Hey, this is the same route i’ve flown before!

On the 16th of October, i flew this exact same route! You can check the trip report if you look at my recent topics.

I was born in Belfast

If you didn’t know already, i was actually born in Belfast, Northern Ireland! This is why i am doing this event.


Event Description

We start at Krakow International Airport in Poland with the Ryanair Boeing 737-800 and head off to Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Everyones flight number will be FR1117.
Our flight plan will take us across south-western Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, and after that we will land at our destination airport of Belfast International Airport [BFS//EGAA].

Event Details

Kraków John Paul II Airport [EPKK] to Belfast International Airport [EGAA]

Server: Training
Date + Time: 26 October '18 + 14:00Z
Cruising Altitude: FL380 step-climb required
Aircraft + Livery: Boeing 737-800 + Ryanair
Projected Flight Time: 2hrs 44min
Fuel: 8379 kg

Airport Information


Flight Plan

EPKK 5006N/1956E 5015N/1956E 5019N/1946E 5018N/1933E 5018N/1910E 5017N/1851E 5019N/1828E NUMBA 5035N/1723E 5042N/1657E DINOV EKSEK LASIS POVEL MIMVA GETNO REMSI 5407N/414W MASOP NELBO BEL EGAA

Correct any mistakes in the flight plan



Gate User
Gate 13 @SpeedPlayz
Gate 14 @Ben_W
Gate 15
Gate 16 @Cpt_Caveman
Gate 12 @Thomasie
Gate 11
Gate 10

Thank you for your attention. Have a great day!


I’ll take Gate 13, sounds a good flight. What runway are we landing on, only for waypoint preference?

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It says what runway you are planned to land at under the “Airport Information” section.

Runway 17 seems to be the one you guys are gonna land.

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I would like a gate. See you there!

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Hey, i forgot to put myself in there. Gate 14 for you.

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Hi, @SpeedPlayz
I’ll take gate 12, please.
looking forward to the event on Friday.

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@SpeedPlayz Can I confirm that on Friday it is at 14:00 UK Time at EPKK, I was planning on getting to my Gate 14 at around 13:45, thanks!

Uhh. EPKK is in Poland.
This event starts at 15:00 UK Time. 16:00 Poland Time.

Also, you already reserved a gate.


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Ah, thanks, I’ll arrive at my gate at 14:45 then, ready for departure at 15:00, thanks see you Friday!


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hey! can i get a gate?:)

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Event Today Can I remind people that the flight from EPKK to EGAA will be departing at 15:00 UK Time. Hope to see you all there! Once again thanks to @SpeedPlayz for organising this event, much appreciated!

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i will be there!

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Hi, unfortunately something came up at the last moment and i MAY not be able to attend. Will update you. Sorry :/

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Event Starting In 30 Minutes start heading to EPKK with the designated Gate number! Enjoy the flight guys! Thanks @SpeedPlayz

Everyone please spawn in at your assigned gates!

Actually i will just spawn but not sure if can complete the flight

Everyone :

We will be landing on Runway 35 @EGAA.


@SpeedPlayz you buttered. For Ryanair.

Event Finished!


“On my way to UK Border Control!”

“Thank you, good day, FR1117!”

Ground Crew: “We love our jobs, beautiful views everywhere!”

😎😀😁 Thank you to everyone who attended today’s event!

Just landed and thanks, will come do more events with you in the future !