(LANDED)The Final Flight With The Super Decathlon @KAJO - 122200ZJUN19

Flight of 5?

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What are we climbing to?

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Worst takeoff ever? Definentley
I’m so sorry guys

follow me.

IF Glitched as I took off and I plunged into the ground. Will be back. Sorry!

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i will circle kajo

Coming sorry didn’t know who the leader was

its me lol. ifc-theflyingguy1

Fyi when in a flight of XX, only one person needs to be talking on Unicom.


looks like we lost 2 planes

Yeah I didn’t put in enough fuel so just left

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Yeah I just popped in to see what was happening

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Had to go around to avoid clipping your wing, very fun flight though! Thanks for organizing.

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Thank you everyone for joining. This is the busiest KAJO, my home airport has been in infinite flight.

@Trio glad you enjoyed it!

I will post this in screenshots and videos and tag you all

Better late than never. Good stuff! Thanks :)

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I had to drop out becuase an important phone call.

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