[Landed] TBM Around Australia Part. 1 @ YMMB - 070330ZSEP19


TBM Around Australia Series!


Server: Expert

Route: YMMB to YPPF

Time: 2019-09-07T03:30:00Z

Aircraft: TBM930 (Any Livery)


Please spawn in at your gate at least 10 minutes before the event.

Please be respectful and mature.

Use unicom well

About the Event

Hello Community! Welcome to Part 1, of the TBM Around Australia series! We will be going around Australia in TBM930s going to most major cities GA airports. Make sure to hop in your TBM join us!

The whole series looks like this: map



Flight Plan

YMMB ML 3719S/14429E KEPPA 3415S/14204E TUMAN BLACK 3447S/13911E AD YPPF

Aircraft TBM 900
Flight Level 24,000
Plan Distance 463 NM
Flight Time 2:01
Block Fuel 692 kgs
Climb Profile 170/40
Descent Profile 2000FPM




Chart Not Avialable

Airport Charts

YMMB Chart

YPPF Chart


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Let me know if you would like to come! I cant add you to a gate list as YMMB does not have all the gates in IF. So I will add you to an Atendee List.


Great layout! It’s really nice

Are you coming, or just saying that? haha
Thanks though!

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Just aayign

Event is tomorrow! See you there.

Gate requests still open.

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Can I get signed up for this. I love the TBM

Sure thing! See you then.

Sign me up

Sure thing! See you then.

Thanks for coming everyone! See you for part 2.

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