[LANDED!]SWA1380 Honor Flight @ KLGA - 250020ZAPR18

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 Southwest Flight 1380 with service from New York’s LaGuardia International Airport (KLGA) to Dallas Love-Field (KDAL) was ready for takeoff around the time of 10:27EST. It was a routine flight for the airline. About 20 minutes into the flight, at 32,200ft, the Boeing 737-700’s left engine exploded sending shrapnel thru a window striking a passenger sitting in row 14A. The woman by the name of Jennifer Riordan was sucked through the window from the waist up. Several passengers managed to pull her back in the plane Unfortunately the passengers who tried to revive her were unsuccessful.

Captain Tammy Jo Shults and First Officer Darron Ellisor did an extraordinary job maintaining control of the 737 as they brought it in for an emergency landing into Philadelphia International (KPHL) as well as staying very calm throughout the entire event. The 2 pilots were able to make a safe emergency landing in Philadelphia (PHL) with only 1 unfortunate fatality.

In honor of WN1380, I’m gonna fly an exact replica of the flight as if it had landed in Dallas-Love Field (KDAL). Anyone who wants to join me just comment “yes” and I’ll assign you a gate at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (KLGA). Flight information is below…


Date April 23rd

Time 19:20EST 18:20CST 17:20MST 16:20PST

FPL Copy my FPL once spawned in

Expected Time Enroute 3hours 15minutes

Server Expert

B3- @Shrek1
B5- @Capt.Zach
B6- @Matt_Gould
B7- @Hockeyman_02
B8- @CaptAwesomeAaron

Altitude — FL380

Speed — M0.80

You must be in a Southwest Airlines 737-700 or 737-800 to join this event

Gates will be added if needed

See you there!🛫


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When are we going to start

Uh oh! This event is delayed by 6 hours! XD

So when is this event happening?

We pushback at 18:00CST

We push back at 18:00

Not a minute later than 18:00. This will be an ontime flight

What server is it going to be?

I can’t come anymore sorry because I’m grade 2.

Alright!! C’mon y’all!! We need more people to help us honor SWA1380!!

@ollywhxte @VAnuj if i change it to TS1, will y’all be able to make it?