[LANDED] Stansted Arrivals Be Crazy @ LEPA - 021130ZJUL18

For the sakes of summer, we can kick things off with a warm departure from Palma De Mallorca, a known place by Ryanair!

The goal of this route is to kick stressful things off our heads and get all warm for some nice weather!

Aircraft: Ryanair 737
Date/Time: 02 July '18/1130Z
Cruising Altitude: FL350
ETE: 2hrs
Speed: 275kts (IAS)
Gates: Any
Server: Training

So what are you waiting for? Let’s fly the Infinite skies!


Just checking, this is on monday the 2nd at 1000Z

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Yes, correct! Any interest to join?

Wondering what’s the time in GMT?

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So that’s probably 11 AM in the Greenwich Time?

GMT is the same as ZULU, which is the time used for all events.

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Oh I wasn’t actually sure but that’s what I thought, sorry.

I am afraid i can’t I’m at school, have fun flying! :)

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Sign me up! RyanAir 788…

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OK! You will be signed up at a random gate (the gates will be announced later)

Hello i’d like to join into this event

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GMT and BST are not the same.

Zulu = Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

British Summer Time = GMT+1.

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Alright! Please tell me your callsign via PM.

Look I corrected my self take your glasses on XD

no offense

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I actually wear glasses. #NoOffenseTaken.

Nice event, I’ll see if I can join, however don’t know yet.

OK I hope to see you there!

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Sign me up, I’ll be there

OK. You’ll be signed up.

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Ryanair 420 sign me up

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OK just remember it’s today!