[Landed] Southwest Virtual: Race to the Capital Vol. 3 @ KLAS 121900ZJAN19


May I have Gate C12?


Gate assigned :). Glad you will be joining us!


please could i have a gate


Absolutely! Gate C14 my friend :).


ATC services will be provided by ATCEG @Ben_W :).


Boss, can I have a gate ?


Gate C16 boss!


Can I have a gate or is it too late ?


C19 @Ivan_Willis, glad you can join!


Iā€™m in
spawned at my gate


Can I have a gate please. SwA2448 Shamu


Can I get a gate please



Flight departed 2 hours ago and actually in landing phase. Sorry we missed you! We hope to see you at our next event.



Thanks everyone that attended the event, we looking forward to seeing you again on the next one.



That was my first VA event and I had a good time. Thank you SWA!