[LANDED] Singapore Virtual | Saying Goodbye to @NorAviator97! Let's Fly to Ålesund @ ENGM - 132200ZJAN19


This event is very special to the Singapore Virtual staff and pilots as we are celebrating @NorAviator97’s time as our Media Manager and thanking him for all his hard work throughout these several months he was staff here at Singapore Virtual. He has provided us with a great deal of beautiful images and promotional videos that have truly proven to be one of the best that the VA community has ever seen. We would like to take this time to say our last goodbye through this simple event showing our gratitude to him. From Singapore Virtual to @NorAviator97 we say Thank You!

Event Details:

Server: Expert Server

Departure Date &Time: January 13, 2019 10:00 PM

Departure ICAO: ENGM (Oslo Gardermoen Airport)

Arrival ICAO: ENAL (Ålesund Airport)

Aircraft: B738 (SAS)

Flight Time: 0:40

Cruise Altitude: FL280

Cruise Speed: M.78

Fuel On-board: 3,187 kg [7,027 lbs]
Passengers On-board: 100
Cargo On-board: 2,957 kg [6,519 lbs]

Callsigns: If you are a pilot for Singapore Virtual, use your SVA callsign
If you are not a pilot for Singapore Virtual yet, use any callsign in the format: SVAxxxx

Make sure to fly following all rules of aviation; SVA is not responsible if you acquire any violations.

Oslo Gardermoen International Airport

Gate Pilot
Gate 03 @macharyone
Gate 02 @TwinsRock88
Gate 10 @xxFuryxx
Gate 12 @Leo_Young
Gate 14 @Sebastian9915
Gate 16 @Nidhish_Kataria
Gate 18 @NorAviator97
Gate 20 @MQthederp
Gate 24 @Capt.SkyWalker
Gate 26 @Gergo_Bognar
Gate 07 @Bne.aviation
Gate 09 @PranavGupta
Gate 11 @Ashea58
Gate 13 @GlobalFlyer1
Gate 15 @IconicUndead230
Gate 28 @BalloonChaser

Standby List

Standby 1:
Standby 2:
Standby 3:

More gates will be opened if needed

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If an SVA pilot flies with us during this event, they will be entitled to 10x flight time!

If a pilot in this event joins SVA within 24 hours of the event’s completion, they will also be given 10x flight time!

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Wish i could attend!


Sign me up! SVA004


Sign me up! SVA003


@TwinsRock88 your gate is Gate 02
@xxFuryxx your gate is Gate10
Glad you could join!


Sign me up please, SVA186 Leo


Sign me up pls!


sign me up pls nids SVA0028


A gate for me! ☺️ SVA006

I also wanna take this opportunity to thank the whole SVA team for giving me the chance to be your Media Manager! It’s has truly been an honor and an amazing journey! I also wanna thank you guys for your support, and for the event…what?!? I really wasn`t expecting this so thank you! 😄
PS…I will continue as a pilot!

Happy landings! ✈️✈️


sign me up please chief! SVA181


Sign me up. 😉


@Leo_Young your gate is Gate 12
@Sebastian9915 your gate is Gate 14
@Nidhish_Kataria your gate is Gate 16
@NorAviator97 your gate is Gate 18
@MQthederp your gate is Gate 20
@Capt.SkyWalker your gate is Gate 24

Glad you could all join us!!!


Sign me up please!!! SVA0722 :D

It is the 13th of January 2200Z right?


That is correct


Looking good guys- from everyone at NSV!


I recommend changing the time to Universal, as this is not the universal time for everyone.


My mistake, should be fixed now!


@Gergo_Bognar your gate is Gate 26

Can’t wait to see you there!


can i please have gate 07


Sure thing! Gate 07 is all yours!

I’m happy you can come!