[LANDED SAFLEY] Swiss001's Community Event @ EGSS - 021930ZMAY18

@TheOtherQantas-1 just click the plane and click the plane info then click copy FPL in the bottom right

What plane… you mean at the top of the beginning of the topic

Click on the plane on the map of the person you are supposed to copy from.

What… plane… and… what… map

As it says above When u see Porter 25 you click his name on the map in game and copy

You can only copy when in game. I’d wait until everyone spawns in, then you’ll be able to copy it

Hey Graeme, I won’t be attending the whole flight, but I’ll be monitoring the Beginning on the event.

I wonder if @Swiss has seen this lol

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Umm I only saw it because you tagged me here… haha


My callsign American 191 Heavy and any gate

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Alright :) B22 Is yours

Hey Graeme, you know me as Zadarad, and well, lastly there has been some issues between Swiss mod team and me, but is there a way i could join?, just like a friend

Yes, Anyone can join, including you :)

Thank you, and pls tell IFG to read my PM, xD… ill take A13R

What callsign would you use for the event?

DZT001, my VA callsign

Alright. A13R is yours

Good, see ya there!!!

Who are you reffering to

I was refering to you :) … B22 @J2S