[Landed safely] Possible Aeroflot emergency?

he just said advise when ready to dump fuel

Confirmed. They are gonna tell ATC when they are gonna terminate the fuel dump and head back to kennedy.

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Weird they aren’t squaking 7700


What frequency is he in LiveATC?

I wonder if they’ll come in for runway 22L

You can listen to it here: http://www.liveatc.net/play/khpn_ny_app_nobbi.pls

I can’t imagine sitting on a plane for 90 minutes going in circles.

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It seems like they are using the 13L/R VOR approach.

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I have the app, and I’m listening in right now.

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Any ideas why it can’t continue to SVO?

Clearly some sort of emergency. It’s dumping fuel and hearing back to JFK.

Is he still in the KHPN frequency?

Yup, 13L/R VOR is in effect

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He is for now.

He is now switching to NY ROBER app on 125.7


Get the 3D view ready

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What’s happening currently?

He was sent to a different frequency, anyone catch what it was?

Edit: he’s on CARMN app, being vectored for one of the 13s.

125.7 robber app