(Landed) - Qantas Virtual | South American Adventure @ YSSY - 151000ZJUN19

image QVG’s South American Adventure!

We love South America!

Join us as we fly from Sydney to Santiago in our famous 747, and explore all South America has to offer!

Will you be embarking on the Spirit of Australia?

image Flight Information

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Sydney Kingsford International Airport [YSSY]

Time: 2019-06-15T10:00:00Z

Aircraft: Qantas Boeing 747-400

image NOTAM:

  • Request a gate below to reserve your spot at the event.
  • Please Spawn in roughly 15 minutes before our scheduled departure time
  • Qantas Virtual Group pilots can use their callsigns (QFAXXXX) , all other pilots please use an appropriate callsign
  • Make sure to take plenty of pictures and post them below!

YSSY 3357S/15111E OPTIC 3507S/15256E TONIM MIKEL OMKIN DADLU ADKOS NV 4800S/17000E 5300S/18000E 5700S/17000W 6000S/16000W 6100S/15000W 6200S/14000W 6200S/13100W 6100S/12000W 5900S/11000W 5600S/10000W 5200S/9000W 4700S/8200W VLD DETOL NIA ELABA KETIR ENSER BOLOK 3500S/7130W EROLO KADAK LOBOX VISEK UKARA SCEL

Gate List

Gate Pilot
Gate 1-25 @Luke_M
Gate 1-24 @Josh
Gate 1-30 @QVG-Crunch
Gate 1-31 @TimR
Gate 1-31 @Luke_L
Gate 1-32 @Di_Hu
Gate 1-33 @Jo_lg_16
Gate 1-34 @JosephKong
Gate 1-35 @Atharva_Takalkar
Gate 1-36 @SeanAviation
Gate 1-37 @Luca_Arrowsmith
Gate 1-10 @Zander_S
Gate 1-09 @AussieAviation
Gate 1-08 @anon70772274
Gate 1-50 @ybbnaviation
Gate 1-53 @Og_s_Vlogs

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Sign me up - looking forward to it

sign me up for this one plaese

I’ll take a gate


  • You have Gate 1-24


  • You have Gate 1-30


  • You have Gate 1-31

See you all there!


Can I get gate 31 plz


  • You have Gate 1-31

See you there!


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How long would this flight take?

I’ll take a gate, I’m guessing I can’t use this as a flight since I’m only a S/O.


  • This flight should take about 12h and 30 mins.

Any QVG pilot is able to log this flight, as it is an event flight :)

See you there!


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May I join in,if I can,please give me a gate

Oh gosh, I’d like to join the event sooo much but it is too late for me, have a great event guys

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  • You have Gate 1-32


  • You have Gate 1-33

See you there!


Hello there! May I get Gate 1-34? Thank you!

Please give me a gate, i am interested for this trip.


  • You have Gate 1-34


  • You have Gate 1-35

See you there!


Roger that

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Can I have a gate please

I’ll take a spot please

@SeanAviation - You have Gate 1-36


  • You have Gate 1-37

See you both there!