[Landed!] Night Flight to Gatwick @ EPWA - 030020ZAPR19

Aircraft: LOT B737-800


  • Time of Departure: Pushback at 00:00z and safe takeoff at around 00:20z latest

  • Server: Training Server

  • Additional Information:
    I want to make this the largest group flight I’ve done!

NEWS: Climb instructions are now placed
+3000 fpm CRZ ALT 32,000 Top of Descent is just over the coastline of Amsterdam or France
245 knots IAS until 10,000 ft 300 knots IAS until 29,000ft M0.87 on cruise

Descent: Top of descent before The Channel, descent rate -2000 fpm 0.87 until 30,000 ft 300 knots IAS until 13,000 ft, 240 knots until 6,000 ft, 170 knots landing speed

Sign me up please

I will sign you up, Pick a Lot callsign and I’ll get you parked next to me

Lot186 please

Alright! You will be set up for Gate 31


No probz! See you there!

30 mins to go

Please look at this About the Group Flights Category

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