[LANDED] Major Crossing Atlantic Fly Out @ CYYZ - 292300ZFEB20

C32 A380-800 Dubai OMDB 12:45
This gate please. I believe they may also do this in the 777-300ER

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For sure @United2 welcome to event!

Would love to participate - may I reserve a gate for:
A318 Private EXECJET01 to OJAI
Looking forward!

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Got you! @KaramSodhi thanks

Changing that destination to LTFM and reaffirming it is an A318 Private not an A319 :)

Hope this is okay

Appreciate it

Ok gate changed! @KaramSodhi

@AirCanadaVaOfficial I think I found an event to sponsor.

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Can I please have gate 172 to Amsterdam (EHAM)
B747-400ER KLM

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Gate 172 is yours! @Udeme_Ekpo

Can I reserve the Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt?

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Off course @USAviation welcome to event!

I’ll take gate 122 please. Air Canada To Frankfurt 777-300ER

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122 is now your gate! @Bigaussie73 thanks for sign up

Thanks @LeonardIF18

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Pr 119 YYZ-MNL A350 Gate: C30

Gate C30 to Lahore OPLA is that what you want? I don’t really understand your request 🤨

Hi, can i get a Boeing 742 PanAm to London Heathrow

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Sure can @PanAm! Gate 176 is yours

Philippine airlines fly’s from c30 to Manila

Can I have gate 171 to LFPG please?

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