[LANDED] Los Angeles to Paris in One Night @ KLAX - 250330ZNOV17 (part 2)

You might have seen this earlier:

While @DiamondGaming4 has cancelled his KLAX > LFPG flight, I will continue mine. If you would like to join, reply to this thread and I will add you.

NOTE: There are changes from the original plan

Server: Training

Region: Southern California… and the rest of the planet.

Airport: KLAX

Time: 0330Z (7:30PM PT, 10:30PM ET)

NOTAM: Oh yes, it’s the weekend which means it’s time for overnight long hauls on Infinite Flight! This is an event for anyone who just wants to fly with a group tonight. If you decide to come, please respond below with your aircraft and the gate you want!

Route: KLAX-LFPG (EST: 9hr 45min)


Gates: We will be using Terminal 6 at KLAX
Gate 60: Leader @Cbro4/AirFrance 77 – B777-300ER
Gate 61: @Jmacd20/Delta 12 – B787-10
Gate 62: @William_Burke – A380 or B787-10
Gate 63:
Gate 64:
Gate 65A:
Gate 65B:
Gate 66:
Gate 67:
Gate 68A:
Gate 68B:
Gate 69A:
Gate 69B:
Please note that KLAX is one of the busiest airports on live, and there is a chance there will be someone else in your gate spot. If this happens, just go to the nearest free gate. Thank you.

Flight Info:
Cruise Altitude: 30,000ft
Cruise Speed: M.85
Departure VS: 3000fpm
Arrival VS: -1700fpm
Speed before 10,000ft: 245kn
Speed after 10,000ft: 325kn

@William_Burke @DiamondGaming4 cancelled his, so I’m bringing it back. :)

You have to be TL2 to post in #live:events

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Ah. That’s why it wouldn’t show up. How do I up my trust level (while I think I can be trusted, the service doesn’t :)

Just keep liking and posting meaningful positive comments and liking comments

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That’s exactly what I try to do, sir.

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If you have any other questions feel free to PM me!

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**30 minutes until departure!

Callsign:Delta 12

Welcome aboard. Hope to see you at KLAX. Training server. Do you have any questions?

when should i join in lax

Anytime before 0330 is fine. We will begin taxi around 0333-ish.

ok when will you be joining

I joined a little early to lead and to put in the flight plan. It’s up above if you haven’t copied it

are you already in the server

Yes, sir. I am here at gate 60.

coming in the server now

can i change my aircraft

Yes. Let’s PM, so we don’t clog up the thread.

**10 minutes until departure!