[LANDED] jet to a Blue Christmas in NYC! @ KFLL - 260000ZDEC18


Christmas is all about enjoying the holidays with family, friends, and your loved ones. In this event, we’ll be flying from the sunny Floridian city of Fort Lauderdale up to chilly New York City to admire the lights, sounds, and bustle of the Big Apple during Christmas!

Event Details:

Server: Expert Server

Departure Date &Time: December 26, 2018 12:00 AM

Departure ICAO: KFLL (Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport)

Arrival ICAO: KJFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport)

Aircraft: A321 (jetBlue)

Flight Time: ~ 2 hours 50 minutes

Cruise Altitude: will be updated on the day of the event

Cruise Speed: will be updated on the day of the event

Fuel On-board: will be updated on the day of the event
Passengers On-board: 200
Cargo On-board: 9,660 kg [21,300 lbs]

Callsigns: If you are a pilot for Singapore Virtual, use your SVA callsign
If you are a pilot for virtualBlue, or are not in either VA, use a callsign in the format: jetBlue xx02

Fort Lauderdale Airport Terminal 3

Gate Pilot
Gate F2 @Transport_Hub
Gate F3 @Prasoon_S
Gate F4 @TwinsRock88
Gate F5 @AndrewWu
Gate F6 @JulianQ
Gate F7 @jetPro
Gate F8 @macharyone
Gate F9 @Shadow87645
Gate F10 @Javaro_Davis
Gate E1 @JeromeJ
Gate E2 @Pingu
Gate E3 @MQthederp
Gate E4 @Lucas_Brien
Gate E5 @BlueAcidball
Gate E6 @Don_King
Gate E7 @DaBoss
Gate E8 @United92
Gate E9 @Captain_America.us
Gate E10 @Kjax_tv

Standby List

Standby 1: @Sebastian9915
Standby 2: @Hinata
Standby 3: @Rishon_R

More gates will be opened if needed


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Can I get a gate please (:

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Sign me up!

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I’ll take E6 please.

can i get a gate please?


You all have been signed up. See you there :)


can i get a gate plz?

SVA003, sign me up!

I’ll take gate F6!

Sign me up!

I will join sva0028

Any gate pls

I will join as well Callsign is SVA0402

Heyo @Transport_Hub just realised i’m on a plane when this is taking place so i can’t attend. Sorry for the inconvenience.


You have been added :)

@Oliver02 you have been removed. Hope to see you next time!

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Thanks to @Transport_Hub and our codeshare partners at SVA for helping to organize this great event to help wind down our Christmas Day events!


sign me up please vb!!

@Javaro_Davis: you have been signed up :)

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Is this on the 26th? Either way, I’ll take any gate.

This should show you the time and date in your local time zone. (Check the original post b/c I don’t know if quoting a post freezes the widget)