[Landed] Indian Republic Day Celebrations with IFATC Coverage @VABB - 261030ZJAN20


The Flyout

On 26th January 2020, India will complete 70 years of being a republic country, what would be better than having a flyout from Mumbai, the second busiest airport in India. Furthermore, there has always been a need to bring attention to the beautiful airports and scenery of India. This event is the perfect way of doing so. I hope to see you all there, and fill out VABB!



Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International airport was formerly known as Sahar International Airport. Mumbai Airport is 2nd busiest airport in India in terms of total and international passengers as well as cargo. In March 2017, the airport overtook Gatwick as the world’s busiest single-runway airport with only one operational runway at a time


Server : Expert

Airport : VABB

Time : 2020-01-26T10:00:00Z2020-01-26T11:30:00Z

Taxiway Map

Terminal Map



• Specific wave timings are assigned for domestic/international departures from Terminal 2. Cargo and Executive operations attendants may spawn in at the start of the wave 1 or wave 2.

• Community members are most welcome to join this event!

• AIVA and SJV pilots are applicable to multipliers. Contact respective VA Event Managers for more information.

• Spawn in 10-15 minutes before the event starts.

• This event is going to be held on the Expert Server. If IFATC is not present, Unicom should be used correctly and responsibly.

• Please respect the other pilots.

• Do not pushback until the person behind you has started taxi.

How to Sign-Up

• Please quote the requested route and aircraft.

• If you want me to add a route which is not here, send a message below or PM me.


Terminal 1
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A12 Indigo A320 Bengaluru
A11 Indigo A320 Chennai
A10 Indigo A320 Cochin
A09 Indigo A320 Hyderabad
A08 Indigo A320 Delhi
A07 Indigo A320 Kolkata @AryaTheLivingMeme
A06 Indigo A320 Jaipur
A05 Indigo A320 Ranchi
A04 Indigo A320 Indore
A03 Indigo A320 Siliguri
A02 Indigo A320 Patna
A01 Indigo A320 Raipur
Remote 12 Indigo A320 Mangalore
Remote 11 Indigo A320 Bhubhaneswar
Remote 10 Indigo A320 Amritsar
Remote 09 Indigo A320 Goa
Remote 08 Indigo A320 Coimbatore
Remote 07 Indigo A320 Varanasi
Remote 06 Indigo A320 Ahmedabad
Remote 05 Indigo A320 Udaipur
Remote 04 Indigo A320 Lucknow
Remote 03 Indigo A320 Dehradun
Remote 02 Indigo A320 Trivandrum
Remote 01 Indigo A320 Bhopal
Remote 31 Indigo A320 Kozhikode
Terminal 2

Wave 1

Wave 1 will spawn in at 2020-01-26T10:00:00Z.

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
V32 Spicejet B739 Goa
V31 Spicejet B739 Kolkata
V30 Spicejet B739 Bengaluru
V29 Spicejet B739 Chennai
V28 Spicejet B739 Hyderabad
V27 Spicejet B739 Jaipur
V26 Spicejet B739 Dehradun
V25 Spicejet B739 Varanasi
V24 Spicejet B739 Trivandrum
V23 Spicejet B739 Patna
V22 Spicejet B739 Madurai
V21 Spicejet B739 Amritsar
V20 Spicejet B739 Belgaun
Stand K03 Spicejet B739 Cochin @Captain_Dreamliner
Stand K02 Spicejet B739 Ahmedabad
Stand K01 Air India B788 Dubai @Patel_Mayur
V04 Air India B788 Dubai @DhruvC
V05 Air India B788 Dubai @king_ps09
V06 Air India A321 Delhi @Kintul_Shah
V07 Air India A321 Kolkata @Soham_Sarkar
V08 Air India B744 Hyderabad
V09 Air India A321 Patna
V10 Air India A321 Indore
V17 Air India A321 Lucknow
V16 Air India A321 Bengaluru
V15 Air India A321 Mangalore
V14 Air India A321 Raipur
V13 Air India A321 Bhopal
V12 Air India A321 Jaipur
V11 Delta B77L New York-JFK
V18 Egypt Air A333 Cairo
V19 Saudia B789 Riyadh

Wave 2

Wave 2 will spawn in at 2020-01-26T10:30:00Z

Gate Airline Aircraft Origin User
V09 Thai B744 Bangkok
V14 KLM B789 Amsterdam @Manav_Suri
V11 Air Mauritius A359 Port Louis @king_ps09
Stand R01 Air India B788 Singapore @Hari
V08 British Airways B77L London
V12 Lufthansa A359 Munich @FrancescoM
V13 Emirates A388 Dubai @Siddhansh
V14 Singapore Airlines A359 Singapore @Captain_Sid
V15 Emirates B77W Dubai @HazemRaafat
V16 China Southern B788 Guangzhou
V17 Kenya Airways B788 Nairobi
V18 Virgin Atlantic B789 London
V19 Gulf Air A321 Bahrain
V20 Air India B77L New York-EWR
V21 Oman Airways B788 Muscat
V22 ANA B78X Tokyo-Narita
V23 SrilankanAirlines A333 Colombo @Aashish_Mohammed
V24 Turkish Airlines B77W Istanbul
V25 Lufthansa B744 Frankfurt
V04 Fly Dubai B738 Dubai
V05 JAL B789 Tokyo
V06 Korean Air A333 Seoul
V08 Swiss International Airlines A333 Zurich
V26 Qatar Airways B788 Doha
V27 Etihad Airways B77W Abu Dhabi
Stand K01 Indigo A320 Kuwait
Stand K02 Indigo A320 Dubai
Stand K03 Indigo A320 Doha
Stand K04 Indigo A320 Male
Stand K05 Indigo A320 Phuket
Stand K06 Indigo A320 Jeddah
Stand R03 SpiceJet B739 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
V28 Cathay Pacific B77W Hong Kong
V29 El Al B78X (B772) Tel-Aviv
V30 Ethiopian Airlines A359 Addis Abba
V31 Air Canada B77W Toronto
V32 United B77W Newark
Stand R02 Malindo Air B738 Kuala Lumpur
Stand R01 Malaysian B739 Kuala Lumpur


Cargo Routes
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Cargo S01 Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F Bengaluru
Cargo S02 Aerologic B77F Chennai
Cargo S03 FEDEX B77F Dubai
Cargo G03 Etihad Cargo B77F Shanghai
Cargo G04 Turkish Cargo 33F Hanoi
Cargo G05 Emirates Cargo B77F New York(JFK)


Executive Routes
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
Apron L01 CCX Trivandrum
Apron L02 CCX Abu Dhabi
Apron L03 CCX Jeddah
Apron L04 CCX Nairobi
Apron L05 737 BBJ Durban @PlaneGeek
Apron L06 737 BBJ Geneva
Apron L07 737 BBJ Amsterdam
Apron L08 737 BBJ London Heathrow
Apron L09 737 BBJ Moscow(SVO)
Apron L10 737 BBJ Dubai

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Stand R01 AIVA-070


Stand K 03 SJV - 1

requesting a gate please…


Awesome event thread!


Hey, Could you add an Air India Dreamliner Flight to OMDB, please? If Not I will take the Etihad Airways flight to Abu Dhabi


I’ll take the BA flight heading to LHR please in the latest wave possible! Thanks!


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I’m in!! Pls give me this route…

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IFATC pls …we never hav ATC on Indian airports

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