Landed! Grand Canyon tourist flight @KGCN 051615ZMAR19

  • Aircraft and Livery:Choose the TBM and the livery you want

  • Route: We will takeoff at KGCN at runway 3 and fly VFR in the Grand Canyon. You have to follow IQ300, he will be our leader

  • Time of Departure: Please spawn at 1615Z. We will takeoff at 1630Z

  • Server:We will be on Expert server

  • **Additional Information:**Please be careful, this flight is only for good pilots. I have done the flight yesterday and I nearly crashed. Please take about 40% fuel(we won’t need so much but yesterday my friend crashed due less fuel). We will land after 1 hour flight at the nearest airport. Please share the pictures here!

If you want to see the stream of my yesterday flight:

If you want to follow me on Instagram:

We will start 15 minutes earlier!

Please wait!

That very well may be the coolest place on Earth. That was awesome, thanks!

I crashed trying to catch up 🔥

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Can you please tell me your Instagram name so I can tag you?

Yes, I think this is the best place to fly!

IG: pat_geo

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Screenshot_20190305-171044 Screenshot_20190305-162402

You are a really great pilot!

Can you send me a link to your account?

I have done the same flight yesterday and my friend simulated an engine failure and crashed 😂

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IG name is above, I don’t know how to find the link 😳

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What is your account?

The first one. Not much pertaining to aviation, I know, but I have many interests!

Ok! Will mention you!

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