[LANDED] FedEx Flyout @ KMEM - 151600ZSEP18


Me me me! FedEx 50! Congrats on your new spot!!! Any gate please


@Brayden_McNeal Added you to gate and thanks


No problem. @iSxythe


FedEx 001
give me the next gate u have


Can I have a open gate


FedEx 1028
Any gate works!


Iโ€™ll join any gate fedex 11


Il join any gate please!! FedEx 841 is my callsign!! Thank you!!


Can I have a gate please? Iโ€™m not fussy which one it is.

FedEx 9


Really looking forward to this. And itโ€™s on my birthday ๐Ÿ˜€


Can I be Gate 504 FedEx 3 6 3?


sign me up
FedEx 99
any gate


I may be able to make it depending on how a flight the night before turns out if I land soon enough.


Iโ€™m down! FedEx 3352


I might not be able to make it


Hey if there is still place left, I would like to join.
FedEx 1337.


Can I have a gate? FedEx 625


Can i have gate Fedex 7281


hi could i be atc approached the KORD? Thank you


Those who are involved in the Event and who are interested in joining last minute, you can start spawning in now at your respective gates. We will try to depart the 1st plane (me) 1 min before 1600Z. Copy my FPL if needed.

Crusing Alt: FL310
Crusing Speed: M0.86