[LANDED] FedEx Flyout @ KMEM - 151600ZSEP18

Server: Training Server

Airport: KMEM

Time: Saturday, September 15, 2018 4:00 PM

Spawn in 10 minutes before the time given.
Follow all ATC instructions.

FPL will be released 20 minutes before Event
Recommended Airline: FedEx

Event Information.

Come and join us for an awesome FedEx Virtual flight from Memphis International to Chicago O Hare organised by @Calib_Wilson and @iSxythe. More gates will be added as required. If you wish to be ATC for this amazing event just drop a comment below.

ETE will be around 1 hour and 30 minutes

Departure Runways:

18L / 18C

Arrival Runways:

28R / 28C (East Arrival)
10L/10C (West Arrival)
(Runway will be updated midflight)


KMEM Ground: @Othman_Asli

KMEM Tower: @Othman_Asli

KORD Ground: @Othman_Asli

KORD Tower: @Othman_Asli

Gate Assignments

Main FedEx Apron:

Gate 452 - @Calib_Wilson [FedEx 6]

Gate 453 - @iSxythe [FedEx 1234]

Gate 454 - @Zeib_532 [FedEx 186]

Gate 455 - @JerseyAnt [FedEx 1609]

Gate 456 - @Philippe_Gilbert

Gate 457 - @DiamondGaming4 [FedEx 004]

Gate 458 - @Jason_M [FedEx 505]

Gate 459 - @Michael_Weinblatt [FedEx 33]

Gate 460 - @Sammy_Droubi [FedEx 3]

Gate 461 - @Brayden_McNeal [FedEx 50]

Gate 462 - @Matei27

Gate 463 - @Melvo077

Gate 500 - @american787-9

Gate 501 - @Noxiousbeast [FedEx 9]

Gate 502 - @QFA_12

Gate 503 - @Jack_Winston

Gate 504 - @ReadySetGo

Gate 505 - @Joel1973 [FedEx 99]

Gate 506 - @Austin_Conrad [FedEx3352]

Gate 507 - @SloppyDog

Gate 508 - @Dennis_Madarcos

Gate 509 - @ThomasThePro

[More gates will be added as required. For FedEx VA members, use your FedEx callsign. For other’s, use any callsign I.E FedEx XXX]


Can I please have gate 452.
FedEx 6534

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Added you to gate 452


Gate 454 please FedEx 186

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Added you to gate 454


Can I sign up to be both KMEM Ground and Tower?

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Hi. Can I get a gate please.
Fedex 1609


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I’ll take gate 455 please

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I’ll take gate 455, callsign FedEx-004

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do you mean runways 18R/18C

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I will be able to go to that. I live near and go planespotting at kmem all the time. If you could please put me in for tower and ground as I know how they operate there I would love that.

@JerseyAnt @Philippe_Gilbert @DiamondGaming4 Added to gates.

@iSxythe could you do that? P.S. put me down for tower and ground.

Uhhh I requested for tower and ground. I live near kmem and was going to do tower but if I cant do tower I just wont go so I mean yeah sorry. The guy on tower never shows up in the chat and that’s not fair. I can handle it perfectly fine but if I can do at least tower then I’m not even gonna go because I know how the tower and ground works there. I go planespotting about 15 times a year there legitemently and we have the liveatc in the background with fr24 up and we watch through the evening and the night.

Can I have Gate 459? FedEx 33 @iSxythe

@Michael_Weinblatt Added

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Can I take gate 460 as Martinair 1 ?

It is better to use FedEx livery with a FedEx callsign for the screenshot later on at the end of the event

Sign me up!
FedEx 3
Any gate works

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@Sammy_Droubi Added you to gate.

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