[LANDED] Easy Spanish Sun @ EGKK - 091900ZDEC18


thank you !


@Infinite_flight_HD I think a recommended route is EGVN-EGVN (but fly over seas and then fly back!)


@Jackclarke825 I’ll keep my caution on it as well on the big night


3 days left to join!


@Jackclarke825 How many attending mate??


15 hopefully!


Is there Approach at LEAM now?


I think @Jakub_Astary has said he’d like to do it


Sorry, I cant do the approach, @Olliebolliegamer can do it.


@Olliebolliegamer Would you like to do it?


Depends on if someone else takes it. If no one takes it, I will try to be approach then, but I’m not sure


It’s tomorrow! Still room for more!


Very excited for today


Maybe I’ll cancel the flight in midflight.


Last call for anyone who wants to join us!


@Jackclarke825 i am really sorry but I am going to have to pull out of the event due to the change in time zones. Sorry about the late notice :(


Sorry, I’m also going to have to pull out, I got the time of a family event wrong. Hope you have a great flight


No problem - thanks anyway


No problem - thanks for your interest anyway


I’m so so sorry I have to go to have dinner somewhere and can’t join
I was hoping to join