[LANDED] Easy Spanish Sun @ EGKK - 091900ZDEC18


@J2S Wow I am suprised 2 people have turned up for ATC (Not Sarcastic or expected)


No one has signed up for LEAM ATC, you could also ask Olliebollie which frequencies he plans on doing (for example you could do ground and he does tower, or someone does departure, etc)


@Jonesrox55 Well the Thing is that We need someone on both frequencies and the plan I am thinking of is Do EGKK ground and tower and Departure and until the last flight has departed Then change to LEAM Approach at a 45Mile range then get all the flights to circle and then get EGKK Departure to change to Tower/Ground.


@Jonesrox55 Also IDK why I am thinking EGKK is EGNM 🤣🤣🤣🤣


First off, the flight isn’t shorter than 2 hours, so I think any controller can do any frequency- Second off, the controllers aren’t necessarily available at both airports. Let’s let them decide, shall we? Unless you plan to control, that is.


@Javian_J You’re added! Thanks for joining us - see you down there!


@Jonesrox55 I can’t do ATC is that I am flying as EZY2041 and you have a posing as well.


@Jackclarke825 How many people are attending right now??


Okay everyone’s enthusiastic (which is good) - I’m sure the guys who want to do ATC will sort amongst themselves who will do what - let’s try not to clutter/spam the thread guys and see if any more people want to join.


@Jackclarke825 @Jonesrox55 Apologies about incorrect spelling


ok i’ll do ATC


@Jackclarke825 Ok i’ll Message you but not on the chat for anything else


@J2S Ollie has said he can’t do LEAM ATC, so if you want you can take tower and ground for that? Thanks for your interest by the way!


OK I’ll do Ground and tower ATC


Fantastic, thanks very much - you could also take departure for EGKK if you wanted.


LEAM ATC is fine for me


@J2S Thank you very much!


I can do the approach!


Fantastic! Thanks very much - that’s just what we needed!


Will you also do another event.
The last one I couldn’t play it with you.
But now I will reach training server very soon.