[LANDED] Easy Spanish Sun @ EGKK - 091900ZDEC18


Glad you can join us!


I’d like EZY 1549 in an A320 please


You’re in! Thanks for taking part, looking forward to it!


(Switched out ‘EZY’ for ‘Easy’ to prevent confusion with EasyJet VA)


Happy to take part! I’m actually flying that route right now on TS1!


Nice! It’s a really nice route - especially when you’re descending towards the Sierra Nevada area of Southern Spain!


Ive never flown that region before. I thought I’d check it out before the event


Okay, I can’t be ATC at LEAM then


No problem! Thanks for your help at EGKK!


I’ll take a priority takeoff!! 🤣🤣🤣


@Jackclarke825 I’ll take 2nd in line for takeoff and 2nd for approach!! 🤣🤣🤣


It’ll be down to ATC to decide sequencing I’m afraid!


I love SimBrief it is it is a great website!! Sorted my FLP out for the flight!!!


@Jackclarke825 Don’t worry I don’t care about what place in line I come. The message was a joke 🤣🤣🤣


I want to join under EASY 050 in an A320


@Jackclarke825 Hey Bud want to fly from EGNM-GCTS in a 737-800 At a departure of 9:15AM GMT With me anybody can join if you see this message


@Jackclarke825 EasyJet owns the A321 if it is on infinite flight could we do it


There isn’t an EasyJet livery for the A321


@Benjwri In real life there is G-UZMA-C


could i be on standby for ATC Please