[LANDED] Easy Spanish Sun @ EGKK - 091900ZDEC18


Still space for more!


Let’s have a few more people!


Could i please have gate 107


Sure! Any preference as to A320/A319? And what will your callsign be?


@Infinite_flight_HD Let me know if you would like a gate


I will fly the A320 with callsign EZY5377


Great! You’re added! Thanks for taking part and see you there!


Sorry I would like to join you, but I’m on causal server. But maybe I can join you on a another event when I reached training server


No problem - you’ll be there in no time! A few days left so you might be able to get there in time - just let me know!


Gate 110 please, EZY8163 in an A320 please :)


Added - thanks a lot and see you there!


I will be on vacation during this so put me down as 113: EZY 6604, A319 please and hopefully I will be able to attend!


No problem at all - you’re the first A319! I thought we’d never have one!


Haha! I prefer the livery on the A319 but if the option were on the A320, I’d be using it!


@Olliebolliegamer Shall I put you down for EGKK ATC?


Yes please


Thanks very much!


How long will the flight take? Maybe I can also be ATC at LEAM


We’re looking at about a 2:30 flight time


Maybe I can take part so I would like gate 109 EZY320 A319