[LANDED] Easy Spanish Sun @ EGKK - 091900ZDEC18


Join me as the December chill sets in on an epic flight from Gatwick to Almeria to catch some Spanish winter rays! We’ll take off from sleepy West Sussex, kiss the edge of Brittany, France, and enter Spain over Santander, crossing Madrid, and onto the South Eastern coast.

About Almeria (LEAM) Airport

  • Almeria is a small class Bravo on the South coast of the Spain. It has one runway, but it is rapidly expanding, taking over 1 million passengers in 2017 (see http://www.aena.es/en/almeria-airport/introduction.html)
  • It serves a number of major airlines, including Easyjet, Ryanair and Iberia (to name a few).

(Photo is my own - taken at Almeria Airport)

Server: Training

Departure Airport: EGKK

Arrival Airport: LEAM

Date: 9th December 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 1900Z


  • Route to be flown, including flight details, will be posted here closer to the time.
  • Only A319s and A320s will be used with the Easyjet livery in order to keep it (somewhat) realistic.
  • Gates are listed below - please post your callsign, which gate you would like, and whether you would like an A319 or A320.
  • More gates can be added if there is demand!
  • This event is not affiliated with the EasyJet VA - it’s just a nice evening flight to a place I used to go holiday a lot!




NT. 101: @Jackclarke825 Easy 2045, A320
NT. 102: @TenMileJones Easy 055, A320
NT. 103:
NT. 105: @Swiftlings_17 Easy 2213, A320
NT. 106: @A320fan Easy 4674, A320
NT. 107:
NT. 109: @Infinite_flight_HD Easy 320, A319
NT. 110:
NT. 111: @Vdennis1 Easy 1549, A320
NT. 112: @Javian_J Easy 050, A320
NT. 113: @ollywhxte Easy 6604, A319

Gate 33: @Nidhish_Kataria Easy 0028, A320
Gate 34: @Aviation_Studio Easy 4993, A320
Gate 35: @no_ga Easy 309, A320
Gate 36: @FuZion_Sami


I’ll take a gate, Easy 055 in an A320 please


You’re in! Thanks for taking part!


I would like to do it under EZY2041


@Elliott Sure thing! Any preference of aircraft? (A319/A320)?

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I am doing it Under EZY2041 in an A320


No problem - thanks a lot and see you there!

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@Jackclarke825 good time on the choice of date my live runs out on the 10th

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Can I join plz

Gate 105,EZY 2213

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Of course! I’ve added you - do you want an A320 or an A319? Or don’t mind?

A320 plz

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No problem! All added!

I’ll try to be ATC if more people are attending.

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Thanks a lot, that’d be great - few days to go yet so hopefully some more people will come along

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How long will that flight be

SimBrief today says 2 hours 23 minutes - obviously it would depend on winds on the day, but I don’t believe it would be longer than 3 hours.


Gates still available!

Gate 106 Easy 4674 A320

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Added you to the list! Thanks for taking part!