[LANDED] Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Aer Lingus @ KBOS - 171800ZMAR18

If you would like to do that instead of the A321, I’d be fine with that. The A321 CAN make it across the Atlantic though.

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We will move it to the training server then!

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Can I have the call sign EI135

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Sure! You will have gate C14!

Can I have the call sign Air Lingus 103?

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Yes, you may! You will have gate C21A.

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Can I be Boston Ground and tower


You sure can! I will put in an ATC category on the original post.

Thanks m8 make sure to sign up for my event

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I would sign up for your event, but that day I leave for vacation for spring break. Sorry.

You should make a discord channel and use the voice chat. (For the special procedures)

For that kind of thing, I will send out a group PM tonight or tomorrow for the event we will have to all monitor during the event.

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We are up to 4 participants! We still would love more pilots, as well as ATC upon our arrival at EIDW.

I may tag along, I’ll keep you posted! Looks like a great event.

Preferably let me know by tonight.

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If you need ATC, I am available!

Can you be ATC at EIDW upon our arrival?

Sure!, I`ll also be handling BOS Dep aswell.

Okay. I’ll sign you up.

I’ll join if there’s still room- I just wish that the Aer Lingus A330 was added, as that’s what really flies out of Logan