[LANDED] Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Aer Lingus @ KBOS - 171800ZMAR18

Server: Training

Region: Transatlantic

Airport: KBOS

Aircraft: Aer Lingus A321

Time: 1800Z (Note some Zulu conversions may have changed due to Daylight Saving Time)

NOTAM: Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all forum members of Irish heritage! For today’s event, we will be celebrating this holiday by flying from Boston (KBOS), an area with a large Irish population, to Dublin (EIDW), the Irish capital.

Gates: (More gates can be added if needed)
Terminal C Gate 12: @PeterCLE EI1328
Terminal C Gate 14: @Joeoreilly77 EI135
Terminal C Gate 21A: @Ashton EI103
Terminal C Gate 21: @anon57683537 EI101
Terminal C Gate 20: @Northwest
Terminal C Gate 19: @CptMooreJr EI138
Terminal C Gate 18A:
Terminal C Gate 17:
Terminal C Gate 16:
Terminal C Gate 15:
Terminal C Gate 11:

KBOS Ground: @Nashes
KBOS Tower: @Nashes
KBOS Departure: @CaptAC
EIDW Ground: @CaptAC
EIDW Tower: @CaptAC
EIDW Approach:

The flight plan for the event can be copied from me during the spawn. Please spawn 5 minutes prior to the event. The flight should take no more than six hours. Specific procedures will be given by PM before the event. If you are interested, please reply below with a callsign.

Flight Plan: SimBrief, FPLtoIF
Gates: LiveFlight
St. Patrick’s Day Image Credits: Capital Living
Aer Lingus Image Credits: SeekLogo


I might attend, I have to think about it though…

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Ok! Just let me know anytime before the event!

An a321 can fly transatlantic?


I will join if it’s training server

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I am grade 3 but don’t like to fly expert

Yes. I checked the fuel range, and the max is around 9 hours, while this flight is only 6 hours.

Why don’t you like to fly on the expert server?

Woahh…i can use this for LEMD-KMIA then!

Don’t want ghosting or violations. I might try it soon though

You should try it for the event. The Expert server is really so much more fun than training.

How? It just seems like training but more strict.

It’s more realistic. On training server pilots don’t behave most of the time.

I second that opinion.


We’re looking for more support! This should be a great event to celebrate a great holiday!

Only two days until the event! It should be a fun transatlantic flight to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

I would love to join but it’s on expert

If it was on the training server, would you join?

We could use the 757 or the a330 with generic livery and Aer Lingus callsigns this is a suggestion 👍🏻


Definitely I love Aer Lingus

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