[Landed!] [Celebrate 50 Subscribers with me!!] @KMSO - 151500ZJUL19

Hey everyone.

This flight is a flight i will live stream on my channel since i recently got 50 Subscribers on YouTube so then i make a celebrate flight with the XCub from KMSO - KGPI

Missoula To Glacier Park

Server: Expert

Airport: KMSO (Missoula)

Time: 1500Z

Date: 2019-07-15T15:00:00Z (Monday) (This will be convert to your timezone)

Aircraft: XCub (Any livery)

NOTAM: I hope that we can Depature from Runway 26 from KMSO as writed down below, and i hope too that we can land on Runway 12 with KGPI.
Please Follow ATC instructions!
After landing hope someone take a photo (screenshot), you can too take photos in the replay opinion after the Flight
Upload some screenshots here to the comments.

Safe and Happy landings!!

Flight Information

Crusie Altitude: 11 000ft (might changes in the flight if we need to climb or Decend)

Flight Speed: Around 40 Knots when take off. Landing around 50 Knots. (BTW i am not quite sure the landing speed so it is on your own risk to follow that, you can decide if you want that speed.)

Cruise Speed: 120 Knots (I will maybe slow down when we are flying close to mountains so follow the ground speed by checking on the map too for the Display name IFGAC Pilot-Dan)

Take off Airport: Missoula (KMSO)

Landing Airport: Glacier Park (KGPI)

Flight Time: 1:40

Flight Plan: we are flying VFR so please check on the map for the Display name IFGAC Pilot-Dan and fly after me or @PlaneCrazy



To join, choose your gate and write it down

Parking Spots
GA East
Parking Spot Pilot Callsign
GA 17 @DL_FILM Event Leader N851TB
GA 13
GA 18 @PlaneCrazy Flying Leader
GA 14
GA 19
GA 15
GA 20 @Elvan_MakoTo N1511
GA 16
GA 08
GA 04
GA 09
GA 05
GA 10
GA 06
GA 11
GA 07
GA 12
GA 01
GA 02
GA 03

(Total Spots: 20

Subscribe to Daniel TV (ME):


I have plenty of spots!

Nice event.
I will try to make the flight, put me at GA20 please.

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You are signed up @Elvan_MakoTo

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What made you choose Missoula @Pilot_Dan1?

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Nice mountains and @PlaneCrazy said it was a good choose.


Oh @PlaneCrazy knows what he’s talking about your in good hands my friend. The only reason why I ask this is because I live there and nobody ever really flies here in IF.


👍👍 Will you attend?

Yeah sure! put me down on GA 13

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You are signed up @Jack_Q!
BTW this flight will be live streamed on my channel.

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Can I get a callsign @Elvan_MakoTo and @Jack_Q?

My callsign N1511

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@Pilot_Dan1 I will take N24320. It’s special to me because it is the first plane I ever stepped foot in.

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So happy to see another event at one of my home airports! Sign me up please!

Actually just did this route a few days ago, it’s absolutely beautiful! I will be happy to point out some landmarks in the area as we fly, as I spend quite a bit of time in the area between these 2 airports.


@PlaneCrazy you are signed up!!
BTW if you want, you can help me with the VFR flying because I don’t know where we should fly between mountains.

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You will be assigned as a Flying Leader and I assign me as a Event leader if you will be that.

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I will be happy to assist in any way you need. Just be aware that there is a small chance that I won’t make it.

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Ok, I sett you as a Flying Leader and me as a Event leader/Follow my speed and altitude.

We need more attenders!! The Event is tomorrow!

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