[landed] Brand new TBM event series over Switzerland! @LSGG - 301800ZSEP18

Here in IF a brand new event series is coming!

For those of you that don’t know a new and amazing update has just come! I am obviously talking about one of the most amazing ga plane in the world. With this new plane here at the ga club we started planning some lovely FPLs throughout the world. We hope to get the best out of infinite flight’s amazing scenery and it’s brand new plane with this new event series. Come join us once a week for these unforgettable flights!

Little extra about the FPL

This first series in the heart of Switzerland will take you to the 8 major lakes in Switzerland and right next to the biggest glacier of the alps. (The aletch glacier) it will also bring you to the most famous and important cities. Do you know how Switzerland started…? If you don’t, no problem! Nonetheless you will have a chance to fly over the place where the first alliance was made. That is on the Grütli wiese which is right next to the Vierwaldstättersee. You can recognise that lake from it’s weird shape.
Here’s a photo

Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - TBM930 [Any Livery]

Departure Airport - Geneva [LSGG]

Departure Time - 1800Z

Projected Flight Time - 60minutes [60Min]

Arrival Airport - Bern [LSZB]


1.) Please fly respecting flight rules and following all atc instructions
2.) If you want to divert a bit to get a nice screenshot of the scenery feel free to change your altitude. Although we do recommend staying with the group as it’s nicer
3.) keep a safe distance with other planes. (We don’t want people flying into each other
4.) wait before taxing. We won’t start taxing before the precise event time
5.) have fun!

VFR Aeronautical Chart skyvector

Flight Plan

Suggested Cruise Altitude - 10 000ft

Cruise Speed - 180knts

Approximate FPL

LSGG 4617N/0611E 4621N/0616E 4625N/0630E 4624N/0647E 4623N/0653E LSGB 4613N/0700E 4611N/0701E 4608N/0703E 4606N/0705E 4612N/0717E LSGS 4618N/0735E 4618N/0742E 4618N/0753E 4618N/0755E 4619N/0800E 4623N/0806E LSPU 4631N/0820E 4632N/0821E 4634N/0821E 4634N/0824E 4635N/0827E 4636N/0833E 4638N/0835E 4642N/0836E 4646N/0840E 4656N/0836E 4659N/0836E 4658N/0830E 4659N/0828E LSZC 4657N/0818E 4648N/0810E 4645N/0808E 4644N/0800E 4641N/0753E 4640N/0746E 4641N/0742E 4644N/0738E 4652N/0733E LSZB

Ramp Assignment’s

GA apron A01 @SunDown
GA apron A02 @indraniel - FSVA
GA apron A03 @Balloonchaser -IFGAC
GA apron A04 @Swiss69 -FSVA
GA apron A05 @Captain_Zen -FSVA
GA apron B01 @Plnelovr

More available when needed.

Check Out The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club

Club Thread - The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Join The Journey
Club Website - https://ga-club.weebly.com/


Check out Flyswissva

This event is a partnership between IFGAC and FSVA. At Flyswiss va we are proud to bring you to the best scenery in Switzerland. If you want to fly more lovely routes in the heart of the mountains and lakes come join Flyswiss va!

VA thread - FlySwiss Virtual | Swiss Precision is what we offer | Closed
VA website - FlySwiss Virtual

Please rate our event! If you think we could do better please tell us why and we will happily change what’s needed.

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Interesting event ! I will try to come !
Don’t forget to take off from the main runway at LSGG because grass runway is closed forever IRL

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Thanks. Just tell me when you’re pretty sure you’re coming and I’ll add you on Tuesday list.
I actually didn’t know the grass runway is closed. Thanks for the info! The gates we’re using are on the opposite side anyway (where most private jets park) so we won’t use the grass runway

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Wish I could come! I will still fly the route at a later time

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Sign me up 🤗

Nice to see you coming! Hope you’ll like it

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I live in Switzerland so I will like it defenitely :)

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Count me in Mr.zen

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I’ll try to be there. BCHASER - IFGAC

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just a Friendly reminder that the first event of this series is tomorrow! If you haven’t signed up yet please ask me for a gate.

I’ll take a gate if they are still available

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Event is in 15 Minutes.! Please spawn about 5 Minutes in advance if possible to take screenshots.
Flight info:
I’ll try to go as the leading plane and I’ll stabilise with my settings at 180kts and FL100. For the climb rate it’s mainly going to be to keep the ideal speed at about 80% throttle. For the spacing between aircrafts please just avoid going into each other. You can fly quite close to take screenshots though.
At LSGG we will be using RW 22. I just checked the weather and it said N/A but in real life there’s quite some bit of wind from the south west so just in case we’ll do like they’re doing in real life.
Hope you enjoy and send your best screenshots!

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Apparently some people are a bit late so we’re must going to wait 5/10 Minutes until everyone comes. After that we’ll leave anyway.
(If you really can’t come on time don’t hesitate to join at a later airport!

Come Join Us! Spawn In Now!

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Voting for an intersection Departure ;P

Definitely! I’ll go first

Beautiful view if you select sunrise. You’ll see the sun slowly come over the mountains.

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Let’s try to do a diamond formation. I’ll also down to get to @Balloonchaser and the ones behind can speed up slightly
And have a look to your left to see the aletch glacier. Biggest in the Alps!

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Just a tad slow @Captain_Zen xD