[Landed] Air India Virtual | Vol.2 - To The State of Tea | @VCBI-210700ZAPR2019

From Chennai To The State Of Tea

Welcome to our second series of Fly High Sundays. This month we depart from our Major hub in South India Chennai and fly straight down south over kanyakumari where three major oceans meet and continue passing over Palk of strait & Gulf of Mannar and enjoy the scenic beauty over there before we begin our descend into lush green country of Sri Lanka. Sri lankans have also been known for planting one of the world’s oldest tree.



Livery–>Air India




This will automatically change into your time zone

In order to request a gate,reply below mentioning the gate and callsign.AIVA pilots are requested to provide their assigned callsign.

Gates Pilot’s Callsigns
Gate 019 @indraniel (AIVA002)
Gate 020 @Cloudrush (AIVA133)
Gate 021 @Pritish_Dewan (AIVA012)
Gate 022 @Nitesh9831 (AIVA010)
Gate 023 @J2S (AIVA013)
Gate 024 @Victor_Allart Air india 999
Gate 025 @PocketRishi (AIVA129)
Gate 026 @Prasoon_S (AIVA001)
Gate 027 @Siddhansh (AIVA069)
Gate 028 @Ashwin_Patel Air India 555
Gate 029 @Captain_Sid IFSM
Gate 030 @PranavGupta (AIVA008)
Gate 031 @AKSHAY_2777 (AIVA110)
Gate 032 @DhruvChopra (AIVA161)
Gate 033 @Krsh7 (AIVA170)
Gate 034 @iOS_Aviator (AIVA134)

More gates will be added if required

Flight Plan

VOMM RADAB DAMAD LOCSO 1018N/8012E DABAR BI483 845N/8003E BI482 BI471 IKONA 716N/7957E VCBI

Cruise altitude-Fl300

Cruise Speed- 0.78 Mach

Climb Profile- 250/300/78

Descend Profile- 78/300/250


  • Please Spawn 15 minutes prior in order to execute a timely departure
  • Follow the instructions regarding Climb,descend and others given time to time
  • Maintain minimum of 10nm separation
  • Flight Plan is subject to change with reference to weather conditions
  • If no ATC will be available then use UNICOM properly


Will be released 1 day prior to departure


Will be released 1 day prior to departure




Air India Virtual Airline was established in 2018, sought to closely simulate real world routes and fleets. We are not associated with any airline yet.In addition, we leverage Air India Codeshare partners, which further diversified our schedules! AIVA attracts and is filled with flight simulating enthusiast/pilots on the Infinite flight mobile gaming simulator. AIVA doesn’t embrace traditional overly strict VA rules; our culture is about having fun, safety, learning, and flying along with professionalism.The Air India Virtual acquisition with many other virtual airlines has allowed AIVA to extend internationally. So what are you waiting for…Come Taste the realism…!

Join Us!

Official Thread

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Gate please. AIVA133.

Gate 020 is yours @Cloudrush

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Gate please, AIVA 012

Gate please AIVA010

I’m coming callsign is AIVA013

Gate 021- @Pritish_Dewan
Gate 022- @Nitesh9831
Gate 023- @J2S
Signed you up guys , see you at the event!

Gate please AIVA029

AIVA129, gate please.

Signed you up both @Victor_Allart & @PocketRishi.

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Sign me up!


Signed you up @Prasoon_S

Gate please…AIVA069

Signed you up @Siddhansh

Sign me up please AIVA 095

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To clear out the confusion here:

Guys @Victor_Allart @Siddhansh and @Ashwin_Patel AIVA is the callsign prefix to be used by only AIVA pilots. You’re free to come with any callsign,and if you want to be a part of team you’re very welcome to join us here.

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Gate for me pls. Callsign - IFSM

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Since you aren’t a part of Air India Virtual I will give you another callsign.

@Ashwin_Patel you are signed up and your callsign is Air India 555, if you want to change it let us know.
@Captain_Sid signed you up.

Thank you… 😀

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