[Landed!] Aegean Virtual Presents: Discover Greece #3 - Ioannina! @ LGAV - 162000ZDEC18

Aegean Virtual Presents…

Welcome to the third Aegean Virtual “Discover Greece” Event!

In the past two installments, we travelled from Thessaloniki to Santorini, and from Chania to Corfu.

Next Sunday, we will take-off with our Dash-8 from the Greek capital of Athens, heading to Ioannina, a town near the Albanian border in the Epirus region of Northern Greece. Surrounded by mountains and situated at a large lake, the approach into this airport is nothing short of beautiful. The airport was just recently edited and released in the latest scenery push, and we would like to celebrate this by paying it a visit!

General Information

Server: Training Server 1

Aircraft: Dash-8 Q400 (Livery: Generic)

Departure: Athens Intl. Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” (LGAV)

Arrival: Ioannina National Airport “King Pyrros” (LGIO)

Event Duration: Approximately 1:05 hours*

Date and Time: December 16, 2018 8:00 PM

*This includes pushback and taxi times at both airports

Important: NOTAMs, the flight plan (which depends on winds) and departing/arrival runways (also dependent on winds), will be announced in a group PM, sent on the day of the event.

Reserve Your Gate Today!

You don’t need to be an Aegean Virtual Pilot to reserve your gate.

To reserve a gate, simply comment below with your callsign (AOVAxxx) for Aegean Virtual members. If you would like to use the flight number, it is:

OAL160 - Olympic 160

While LGAV has plenty of space, the apron in Ioannina has a limit of 10 aircraft. Make sure to reserve your gate as soon as you can!


North Apron B50: @Moonlit
North Apron B52: @NeperQiell
North Apron B54: @esant_15
North Apron B56: @EthanT2
North Apron B58: @TenMileJones
North Apron B60: @CaptainPanos
North Apron B62: @George_Antoniadis
North Apron B64: @QFA_12
North Apron B66: @savavalentin86
North Apron B67: @indraniel

More gates can be added if needed.

Air Traffic Control

LGAV Ground: @PlaneCal
LGAV Tower: @PlaneCal
LGIO Approach: @Prasoon_S
LGIO Tower: @joslleymiguel_holand

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I’ll take any gate! :)

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I’m there! Great looking event. Callsign: AOVA 120

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I’ll take a gate

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Sign me up please 😉

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That sound Great. Sign me please. AOVA131.

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@NeperQiell You’ve got North Apron B52.

@esant_15 You’ve got North Apron B54.

@EthanT2 You’ve got North Apron B56.

@TenMileJones You’ve got North Apron B58.

@CaptainPanos You’ve got North Apron B60.

See you all there! It’s gonna be a good one!


What a shame I can’t make it. I would be available 90 minutes later


Happy to do LGAV tower if needed

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Can I take LGAV ground and tower?

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AOVA 125 A gate please

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I would like to be ATC from both frequency ground and tower.
before the day of the event you can send me a message so I can remember …

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@Benjwri @PlaneCal @joslleymiguel_holand I have tried to balance it so that you all each have one frequency at the event!
And yes, a reminder will be sent to all attendants several hours prior to the event.

@George_Antoniadis You’ve got North Apron B62.

See you all there!


Hi, really sorry but I’ve just been pulled into a family Christmas meal at this time, so I won’t be able to do ATC.

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I’ll take a gate

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@Benjwri Roger, no worries! In that case - @PlaneCal, you can take LGAV tower also as initially requested.

@QFA_12 And you’ve got the last gate! North Apron B64 is yours!

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Stand By Gates

If you still want to sign up, you are still able to do so! You can be added to our Standby List. This means that if one of the 8 participants do not show up - which can happen and often does - you can take their gate!

Sign up for the Stand By List today!

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I think this airport can fit more than 8 with some creative parking! Dash Q for scale


Gate Update!

2 More Gates are available!

We have extended our limit for Ioannina’s ramp to 10 aircraft so that two more pilots may participate. Get these two while you still can!

Hy. Sign me up pls, SVA1986. Thnks

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