Landed[8 Attending] Second event Landing competition @ KSUS 071600ZSEP19

Server: Training

Airport: KSUS

Time: 2019-09-07T16:00:00Z

Aircraft: Cessna Citation X or TBM 930

NOTAM: This is my second event my first was at VNLK but it was difficult to man with difficult terrain. This is at the Spirit of St. Louis Airport in St. Louis Missouri

Facts about KSUS
Spirit of St. Louis Airport covers an area of 1,300 acres 530 and contains two parallel 8L/26R measuring 5,000 x 75 ft (1,524 x 23 m) and 8R/26L measuring 7,485 x 150 (2,281 x 46 m), an all-weather, ILS-equipped runway.

For the 12-month period ending December 31, 2017, the airport had 94,764 aircraft operations, an average of 260 per day: 86%

In 2007, the airport finished a multimillion-dollar expansion project to add a parallel taxiway to the north of 8L/26R. This added land is currently available to lease with taxiway access.

The Spirit of St. Louis Air Show returned to the airport, May 3–4, 2014 after being absent since 2007. It featured an interactive STEM Expo and a Veteran’s Village. The US Navy Blue Angels host events yearly there.



ATP Flight School

Gate 1 - @Nicholas_Henry
Gate 2 - @Arnav_Giri
Gate 3 - @Delta07

Air Associates of Missouri

Gate 1 - @Everything_Matthew
Gate 2 - @FrankieFremont
Gate 3 - @United423
Gate 4 -
Gate 5 -
Gate 6 -
Gate 7 -
Gate 8 -
Gate 9 -
Gate 10 -
Gate 11 -
Gate 12 -
Gate 13 -
Gate 14 -
Gate 15 -
Gate 16 -
Gate 17 -
Gate 18 -
Gate 19 - @United2
Gate 20 - @Emirates21

Ground - @Alejandro_Castaneda
Tower - @Alejandro_Castaneda

Flight plan for spacing

Landings will be based on three things

  1. Centerline
  2. Smoothness
  3. Touchdown point

Have fun😎


I’m in… H-ENRY

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Ok I’ll put you down in the ATP practice gates thanks for attending

@Emirates21 PMed me when he signed up.

Also please request gate when signing up thanks

Or you could just list them on the next available gate :)


I just find it easier if they request one but sure you don’t have to request gate numbers anymore I will just put you on next available gate

Also ground and tower is open for signups

Hello! I would like to attend!

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Alright i will put you down

Amazing! Can I take Tower and Ground?

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Yes you can thanks very much

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Hi, can I have ATP gate 3? My call sign will be XA-ULI. Thanks

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Yes you can have that gate.

Also flight plan copy is above

Flight plan above is used for spacing aircraft

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Tower and ground will be active.
Aircraft addition the TBM 930 can now be used

I’ll join with the TBM930 callsign N1017M

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I’d so come but its 2:00am in the morning for me!

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Ill take gate 1, thanks!


I’ll put you down

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Ok see you there, flight plan is above please follow it day of event

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Sign ups are available until 10 minutes before event otherwise you will not be counted. There are 19 more gates available additional will be added if needed
Tower is operates by @Alejandro_Castaneda please follow his instruction event is in 5 days!!

@United423 thanks for signing up one request please post in this topic not a PM!

Sign ups available for 4 more days!