[LANDED! 48 ATTENDED] Scenic flight above the Alps! @ LOWW - 091600ZFEB19


Why did you invite me?


I thought, that you will be interested in this event.


@Jakub_Astary I will take a few screen shots for you from my ATC view or just go into free mode and do it I might also do some from the radar screen for the Approach path into LSZH


@Elliott Thanks, upload them there after the event.


@Jakub_Astary ok Will do


Which gate would i be assigned


Maybe you could put the gates in ‘boxes’
You could do this by putting [details=“your title”] at the front and [/details] at the back.


@AirSerene Gate D21 is yours!


@Olliebollie999 Thanks for the tip!


I can stand by for any ATC if someone doesn’t show up or isn’t able to do the ATC


@Olliebollie999 Ok, you are on standby!


Could I have a gate please?
Swiss A321 or A319
Callsign: SWISS392


@IF787 Gate D22 is yours!


@Jakub_Astary I will be flying from EGVN-EGLF-LSZH on that day so idk how long it will take me to get there in the TBM930


So can you do the Zürich ground+tower?


@Jakub_Astary Ye of course I will don’t count me out I am departing EGVN-EGLF at about 10:00AM and Leaving EGLF-LSZH at about 10:30AM


Could I have a gate please?


@jlande499 Gate D23 is yours!


@Jakub_Astary this event keeps on climbing will we get 50 attenders??


@Elliott Hopefully we will get more than on the previous event.