[LANDED! 48 ATTENDED] Scenic flight above the Alps! @ LOWW - 091600ZFEB19


@Khalil_Rammal Stand B83 is yours!


Thanks for the invitation, but unfortunately I don’t join in on Events held on the Training Serve, sorry…

You guys go out and have fun, Wishing you guys a Safe Landing and Safe Flight ✈


Thanks @Captain_JR!


Thanks for the invitation, and sign me up!

I don’t really like flying on the Training Server, but if you invited me, I will not refuse ;-)


@Captain_Awerty Stand B84 is yours!


HER is a route for Depature too * LOWW D292N WW273 WW172 OSPEN MALUG SUXAN PELAD ARGAX MD518 ZH701 ZH702 ZH006 ZH110 06TRA ZH140 D242F ZH714 OSNEM R2278 LSZH



I will be streaming * https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC1kyP8C74tAQT4h1dXkwMbQ


Well here hoes the swiss001 event…
But ill see @DL_FILM 's stream👍


@DL_FILM Thanks, but in real life all departures from runway 29 turn left immediately after the takeoff because of avoiding the noise above the city of Vienna. So thats why we use this waypoint.


OK i understand the Plan now!
Thanks for information!!


@Jakub_Astary Loads attending so far so good


@Jakub_Astary Let’s hope we get over 43 Attenders


@Elliott Yes, I hope that we will get more attendees than last time.


@Jakub_Astary At this rate we will we have over 3 weeks until the Event


Il try being here


@Swiss002yt Can I put you on the list?


can i get stand B85?


@EmilFaldt Stand B85 is yours!


Not yet sorry


Can I have B85?