[LANDED! 48 ATTENDED] Scenic flight above the Alps! @ LOWW - 091600ZFEB19


Can i Be LOWW departure?


@FINNWINGS Yes, Vienna Departure is yours!


Thank you!


@Jakub_Astary ok That’s great for when I do LSZH Tower I might be doing arrivals on runway 14 dependant on the winds


@Jakub_Astary can I do an ATC Private Messaging room?


@Elliott We will use runway 14 if anything happens. Not any other runway. And we will have ATC private chat on the day of the flight.


Sounds great! Sign me up.

Thank you!


@David_Fresneda Stand B91 is yours!


Sign me up, please! :D Thank you.


@captjeje Stand B92 is yours!


@Jakub_Astary Ok Thanks a lot I’ll keep on LSZH Ground and tower on the day for most of the day


I want to go dude :) b75


Sign us up please! @Fernando_Carbajal @Alexander_Torres1 @B6TWUFA


@DIEGO11 Stand B75 is yours!


@Enrique_Fernandez @Fernando_Carbajal @Alexander_Torres1 @B6TWUFA Stands B93, B94, B95, and B96 are yours! Thanks for coming!


Hello can I take gate B81


@Lufthansa454 Stand B81 is yours!


I’ll take B82.


@AviaAuthentic Stand B82 is yours!


Requesting Stand B83 thanks!