[LANDED! 48 ATTENDED] Scenic flight above the Alps! @ LOWW - 091600ZFEB19


A gate for me, please?


@Lufthansa2 Gate C38 is yours! Cant wait!


@Shobhit_Mehrotra Gate C39 is yours!


Add me please :)


@Captainshayan Gate C40 is yours!


Would you like to be ATC


yes if you have a place for me


You can be LOWW ground and tower


Can i Get a Gate C41?


@Matthew_20204 @joslleymiguel_holand I am so sorry for this situation. So @joslleymiguel_holand you will do Vienna ground+tower?


@Jakub_Astary i will be streaming in the Event.
BTW i will send many pictures from the Event.


@DL_FILM Great, looking forward!


You can count on me, and do not forget to remove my name from the gate list.


@joslleymiguel_holand Ok, thank you.


I could never miss a Vienna event! Austrian 1155, any gate please


@Jonesrox55 Gate C34 is yours!


please can i have a gate


@Captain_Tank Gate C42 is yours!


@Jakub_Astary I think we might need a private chat room and to use another runway at this rate if we get a lot of attendees for this flight to LSZH How did you cope with the last flight with 43 people attending for the arrivals into LFPO


We will have a PM group at the day of the event, and one runway will be ok, at the previous event we also used only one runway and it was okay.