[LANDED! 48 ATTENDED] Scenic flight above the Alps! @ LOWW - 091600ZFEB19


The event is starting in few minutes! Dont forget to take screenshots, after the event upload them there!


For some reason my device just crashed like twice during taxi so I had to redo the flight plans for a good time. Back in the air though.



Must be atcs worst nightmare watching us get closer


Please don’t be mad if I mess up a little



I’m really sorry I know I messed up on the Approach my game was real laggy and I don’t know why


Thanks this was so fun (Swiss 454)


Landing in 15


Today’s event is fun, like every Alp flights. Btw that 777 was squeezing into the queue to takeoff in Vienna. XD
Anyways, when I landed and parked at the gate, i left because there wasn’t as much people around. Where was the group photo? :)


LANDED, with a clap from IF-A! What a beautiful view from my cockpit:

These guys flying through must be wondering what’s going on :p

And thus, seeing the line above, is different than the curvature of lines below… PROOF THAT THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT, IF GLOBE INCLUDED, LOLLZ! :D :D :D
(I switched to noon to take this climb pic just so y’all could see)

And lastly though not last, THANK YOU @Jakub Astary, THANK YOU LOWW ATC, THANK YOU LSZH ATC, you guys did a great job!!!

Swiss 1907 signing out.


The pictures:
So fun and good Event:

@Jakub_Astary Keep up the Good Events!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


@Jakub_Astary when’s next event


Thank you, guys, it was an amazing event!

My next event is Huge Istanbul New Airport flyout on the 2nd March, join us! [JOIN US! 33 ATTENDING] Huge Istanbul New Airport Flyout @ LTFM - 021800ZMAR19