[LANDED! 48 ATTENDED] Scenic flight above the Alps! @ LOWW - 091600ZFEB19


Ok, ill try to get some of them with me


I’m excited for this event!


Stand E46 pls


@Hendry_Jose_Torres_C Stand E46 is yours!


The event is in 2 days! We have still some gates available!


Yes please E47


@Honeydew_Caymanian Stand E47 is yours!


Okay, maybe it’s the cup of coffee or I am just genuinely anxious… OMG it’s tomorrow! :D

But I’ve been wanting to ask you this question since day 1, sorry if it seems silly or dumb: At which point should we start descending?

reduce speed to 240kts at FL150 while descending

Been practicing everyday through those icy peaks there’s just so many options, I saw in flightaware some flights even descent using a holding pattern just before they get near LSZH. Any agreed consensus? Or ATC will take care of that? Or it’s just one of those things that I should’ve known in flight school :P

See y’all in Vienna!


I will be stand by ATC


@FuZion_Sami You are on standby!


Thanks. so much.


@captjeje The descent will be your discretion, I will be flying first, so just start the descent where I will do, approx. 30 min ETE with VS -1200ft. Just keep looking around you and descent like the other ones do.


Thanks so much!


@DL_FILM Will you be streaming? Please, put the link of the actual stream there before the event.


I will take gate F13


IMPORTANT: We wont have an event PM group, since it is limited to 30 members, so we will write all important information during the event there in this topic.


@Frankfurt05 Gate F13 is yours!


Great Thank you!


So i shall add the link to the video in the Event?


@DL_FILM Yes, put the link to the video there.