[LANDED! 48 ATTENDED] Scenic flight above the Alps! @ LOWW - 091600ZFEB19


Hello everyone,
fly with us above the scenic Alps on route Vienna - Zurich!

Keep calm and fly with us above the Alps!

Vienna to Zurich

Server: Training

Airport: LOWW (Vienna, Austria)

Date: 09 FEB 2019 (Saturday)

Time: 1600Z (17:00 CET)

February 9, 2019 4:00 PM

Aircraft: Swiss A319, Swiss A321, or Austrian A321

NOTAMS: Departing runway 16 at LOWW. Landing runway 14 at LSZH.
Please, use Swiss or Austrian aircrafts.
Follow ATC instructions!
After landing, please wait for everyone, so we can take a group photo (screenshot).
Upload best screenshots here to the comments.
Have fun and enjoy the event!

Callsign: Swiss or Austrian [numbers]

Flight information:
Cruising Altitude - 36,000ft
Speed - 240kts below FL100, 300kts above FL100, cruising at M0.80, reduce speed to 240kts at FL150 while descending
Departing Airport - Vienna International Airport (LOWW)
Destination Airport - Zurich (LSZH)
Flight time - approx. 1h 30m (depends on traffic)

Flight plan:
Rwy 16/14: LOWW R1804 R1805 WW268 WW697 OSPEN MALUG SUXAN PELAD ARGAX VIBAX D205F ZH503 ZH701 ZH266 TD003 TD002 ZH110 ZH714 OSNEM R2278 LSZH

To join, please choose your gate and write to the comments (no callsign needed).

Gates (Attendants)

Gate C31: @infiniteflight_schoo
Gate C32: @Aviation-21
Gate C33: @Aiman_Mahgoub
Gate C34: @Jonesrox55
Gate C35
: @InfiniteAviation06
Gate C36: @Jakub_Astary - host & leader
Gate C37: @Philippe_Gilbert
Gate C38: @Lufthansa2
Gate C39: @Shobhit_Mehrotra
Gate C40: @Captainshayan
Gate C41: @DL_FILM
Gate C42:

Stand B91: @David_Fresneda
Stand B92: @captjeje
Stand B93: @Enrique_Fernandez
Stand B94: @Fernando_Carbajal
Stand B95: @Alexander_Torres1
Stand B96:

Stand B81: @Lufthansa454
Stand B82: @AviaAuthentic
Stand B83: @Khalil_Rammal
Stand B84: @Captain_Awerty
Stand B85:

Stand B71: @samdog27
Stand B72: @G26
Stand B73: @Poch_Arop
Stand B74: @Javian_J
Stand B75:

Stand B52: @A320fan
Stand B55:

Gate D21: @AirSerene
Gate D22: @IF787
Gate D23: @jlande499
Gate D24: @joslleymiguel_holand
Gate D25: @MartijnMohlmann
Gate D27: @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
Gate D28: @Sashaz55
Gate D29:

Stand E41: @Callum_King1
Stand E42: @TomJohnson
Stand E43: @Flips_Fisch
Stand E44: @Oli5
Stand E45: @Jens_Severin
Stand E46: @Hendry_Jose_Torres_C
Stand E47:

Gate F01:
Gate F05:
Gate F13: @Frankfurt05
Gate F23: @jamie_pharoah
Gate F33:

More gates will be added if needed.


LOWW ground: @Olliebollie999
LOWW tower: @Olliebollie999
LOWW departure: @FINNWINGS
LSZH approach: @Matthew_20204
LSZH tower:
LSZH ground:

Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you!

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C35 please


@Jakub_Astary I’ll be LSZH Tower and Ground please mate


Can i get a gate?


Can I have a gate please?


I’ll be LSZH approach and LOWW ground and tower


@InfiniteAviation06 Gate C35 is yours! Enjoy!


@Elliott Zürich Tower+Ground is yours!


@infiniteflight_schoo Gate C31 is yours!


@Aviation-21 Gate C32 is yours!


@Matthew_20204 Vienna Ground+Tower and Zürich Approach is yours!


Can I have gate C37?


I’ll take gate C37.


@Philippe_Gilbert Gate C37 is yours! Enjoy!


Can I get a gate pls


@Aiman_Mahgoub Gate C33 is yours!


You should add me as Atc before you even send me a message, I told you last time and now it’s all busy, but anyway I’ll be there as a pilot.
can i have a gate please


@joslleymiguel_holand Sorry, Gate C34 is yours! Looking forward!


can not wait


C38 Please! Can’t wait for yet another amazing event @Jakub_Astary :D