[LANDED] 27NOV22 | 0100Z | The SanFran Fly-In

Ill take japan airways b787-9 tokyo

@mohammed_ali_Ghacham @Justin_Betances Both signed up!

Hi can you remove me from gate G09 (Lufthansa) and then add me for gate B19 (American, 737-800, Miami).
Thank you

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I’ll take GTS for ATC please!


Ooh ATC, signed up!

Alright, sure!

It’s probable I’ll be a bit late

You know what do you mind if I switch to E11?

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Sign me for this one please but I might not be departing from Lisbon! Probably from LPLA

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Made the changes!

Definitely! Thanks for coming!

Oh my, I’ve misunderstood the dates… I’l try to attend anyways…

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Hi, I am sorry but I will only arrive at about 8pm (after the event).

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about 20 minutes or so out

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50 Mins to SFO

Landed Few Mins Ago!

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just flew over SFO at 10,000ft

Would love to go but I am on a 16h flight and I have 20min to TOD

(Update: Landed!) Thanks @ThatDudeFliesYT !! :)

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Thank you all for attending!

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