[LANDED! 22 ATTENDED] Nice flight above the Alps @ LOWW - 081500ZJUN19

Hello everyone,
fly with us above the scenic Alps on route Vienna - Nice!

We will fill up my home airport Vienna, fly above the beautiful Alps and then make a nice landing at Nice.

Vienna to Nice

Server: Expert

Airport: LOWW (Vienna, Austria)

Date: 08 JUN 2019 (Saturday)

Time: 1500Z

2019-06-08T15:00:00Z (this is in your time zone)

Aircraft: Wizz Air Airbus A321

NOTAMS: Departing runway 34 at LOWW. Landing runway 04L at LFMN.
Please, use Wizz Air Airbus A321 aicraft. Follow ATC instructions!
@Jakub_Astary (me) and @Philippe_Gilbert will be the first ones to pushback, takeoff and land!
After landing, please wait for everyone, so we can take a group photo (screenshot).
You can also make screenshots after the event in the replay.
Upload best screenshots here to the comments.
Have fun and enjoy the event!

Callsign: WizzAir [numbers]

Flight information:
Cruising Altitude - 36,000ft
Speed - 240kts, 300kts above FL100, cruising at M0.80
Departing Airport - Vienna International Airport (LOWW)
Destination Airport - Nice/Cote d’Azur (LFMN)
Flight time - approx. 1h 50m (depends on traffic)

Flight plan:
copy from LEADER during the event

To join, please choose your gate and write to the comments (no callsign needed).

Gates (Attendants)

Gate C31: @roostbrood
Gate C32: @Matthew_20204
Gate C33: @Captain_Awerty
Gate C34: @Sashaz55
Gate C35:
Gate C36: @Jakub_Astary - host & leader
Gate C37: @Philippe_Gilbert
Gate C38: @yong_li
Gate C39: @Feurum
Gate C40: @FuZion_Sami
Gate C41: @BlueFish
Gate C42:

Stand B91: @Roubsan
Stand B92: @Captin_Dan
Stand B93: @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
Stand B94: @Michi_Sabrina
Stand B95: @Aviation-21
Stand B96:

Stand B81: @AarkonTV
Stand B82: @CaptAbhinav
Stand B83: @Gaelen_Fernandes
Stand B84:
Stand B85:

Stand B71:
Stand B72: @DeltaA319Fan-TSATC
Stand B73:
Stand B74:
Stand B75:

Stand B52:
Stand B55:

Gate D21:
Gate D22:
Gate D23:
Gate D24:
Gate D25:
Gate D27:
Gate D28:
Gate D29:

Stand E41:
Stand E42:
Stand E43:
Stand E44:
Stand E45:
Stand E46:
Stand E47:

Gate F01:
Gate F05:
Gate F13:
Gate F23:
Gate F33:

More gates will be added if needed.

Unfortunately, we wont have active ATC at the event. Please, use unicom proffesionally.

I hope this will be a very nice event. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you!


I will take a gate!

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Sign me up! Thanks for the invitation!


Heey thanks for inviting! This is big for me, I never missed out on a Jakub Astary event and now its on expert server - the one server I never clicked and always find excuses to avoid. I’m actually trembling right now…

(1/1000th of second later)

I guess this is the time to capt’n up for real and read the manuals! Zero excuses.
Sign me up Captain Jakub and Philippe!


Yay! Another amazing event! Sign me up please 😁


I’ll attend. B72 stand please.

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I will attend,C38.


@Sashaz55 @Captain_Awerty @CaptJJ @Feurum @DeltaA319Fan-TSATC @yong_li I added all of you. See you there!


Will the plane fly over Innsbruck?

@yong_li Yes, we will fly above Innsbruck!


I’ll take any gate

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I can maybe join.

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I will wait a bit to see.

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Sign me up ! :-)

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Sigh me up please

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Gate 40 please!

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@Matthew_20204 @roostbrood @BlueFish @FuZion_Sami I added all of you! Looking forward!

Can I be LOWI Tower and possibly ground if it’s not taken by the last day.

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@InfiniteAviation06 The event takes place on expert server.

Ahh didn’t see that. Will take any gate then!

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