LANDED [21 attended] Landing Competition @ St. Barth’s (TFFJ) 141700ZSEP19

This is different then my event. There will be no discord

But how are we going to chat?

So when people land will the leave or taxi to a gate? The event will take longer if people backtaxi to their gate.

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Just go in grass also you are the judge I may not be able to attend

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Did you tell everyone attending to go into the grass? What should I do if people request back taxi to their gate

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Yes I did do that above

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I couldn’t find it but wil people do a pattern or depart from a different airport?

Probably a pattern

How do we know who goes first?

It will probably be first come first serve. I am going to spawn in as ground and tower if you want to practice.

No I want to participate in the competition
Btw will there be some kind of chat?

This is the chat. Do you want to go early and get practice before the event?

Yes I guess

Please only do one pattern as the event is starting soon

Are we using Cessna caravan?

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Had an accident 😂

No more practice allowed

I know it’s probably too late and I’m going to suck at this but can I join


@Polski please follow instructions

Yes head on over now!