LANDED [21 attended] Landing Competition @ St. Barth’s (TFFJ) 141700ZSEP19

Server: Training

Airport: TFFJ

Time: 1700

Aircraft - Cessna Caravan or TBM 930


The airport is served by small regional commercial aircraft and charters. Most visiting aircraft carry fewer than twenty passengers, such as the Twin Otter, a common sight throughout the northern West Indies and as a curiosity, the Canadian-built de Havilland Dash 7 is the largest aircraft ever allowed to operate at this airport. The short airstrip is at the base of a gentle slope ending directly on the beach. The arrival descent is extremely steep over the hilltop traffic circle; departing planes fly right over the heads of sunbathers (although small signs advise sunbathers not to lie directly at the end of the runway). The airport is located at the island’s second-largest town, St. Jean

The History Channel program Most Extreme Airports ranks Gustaf III airport, which is casually referred to as “St. Barth’s”, as the third most dangerous airport in the world.

Image of St Barthelemy airport


Gate 1 - @Emirates21
Gate 2 - @Nicholas_Henry
Gate 3 - @FLY_BOII31
Gate 4 - @Captain_Infinite
Gate 5 - @Polski
Gate 6 - @Dimitri_126
Gate 7 - @Alaska170
Gate 8 - @David_Mullen
Gate 9 -
Gate 10 -
Gate 11 -
Gate 12 - @United2 - Judge


Cargo 1 - @JWFANMLG
Cargo 2 - @AryaTheLivingMeme
Cargo 3 -
Cargo 4 -


Hanger Wave 1 - @KennedyTurner
Hanger Wave 2 - @United423

Standby gates (If you want to attend but are not sure if you can you will be put on stand by until we get a yes or no

1- @Jared_Scott
2- @KGJT-9149

Tower and ground will be operated by @lil_qaz who will help me with judging to


  • Centerline out of ten

  • Smoothness out of ten

  • Touchdown point out of five

Have fun😎


Please include that I will be ground and tower thanks. I will ask you about specifics in pm. Really excited for this event!

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wish I could join but im busy. Have fun you guys.

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That sucks wish you could come😎

Saw your PM I’ll give you instructions!! I will send instructions over soon

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I’ll take Gate 2

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Your on the list thanks

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Sign me up. Hangar wave 1, TBM-930

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Got you see you there. 5 are now attending let’s hit 20!!!

This event looks awesome can I take cargo gate 1 as JWFANMLG using the DHL livery of the Cessna Caravan.

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Can i get a gate plz

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@JWFANMLG I’ll put you down and @FLY_BOII31 I’ll put you down as well thanks for attending!

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This airport sucks in infinite flight, the reason being, you can’t properly judge the hill on approach. You can see the airport through it of course.

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I will take GA 05, in a Cessna caravan


Ok see you there thank you. Also welcome to the community

Could I also be a judge?

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Sure yes we will determine the winner in the PM we have

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Is there going to be a discord server?

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There will not but there will be a chat!!

put me on standby in a TBM

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