Land Outline Disappears Upon Zooming In

Anyone know what this is?

The land marked out disappears when zooming in?

No idea, just checked and I don’t have that issue

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I had that once, I should solve it by itself.

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It seems to happen to my devices after every update

Ok thank you

I believe the terrain files and the map are separate, so I doubt clearing scenery Cache would help, but if your looking for solutions while in flight I’d give that a try…

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I uninstalled and reinstalled once and it’s still there

Will do thanks

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Well since you deleted and reinstalled that would have been done anyway. So as I thought they must be separate. No harm in it I supose, but don’t have high expectations for it… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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I personally do have this since global release, not really having a problem with it. Its the game getting rid of landmarks at the point where u zoom in too far. I havent heard of someone having it permanent actually…

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Like it happened before so I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it worked then happened again I did the same thing the second time and it did not work

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Yeah thanks but I like seeing it but ah well

Ok, well given that it didn’t work the second time that still supports my theory that the map is completely separate from the terrain files, but I’ll let someone who actually knows give the final say…

I agree on that, is the map acting like this for u too? (Ive never thought of it being a „bug“ as I use it like this in forever)

What are you even referring to?

he means the map outlines of countries disappearing after zooming way in. Took me a second too

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Oh Ok I was kinda thinking that too but was not sure

Thanks for all the help guys!

It’s an on and off problem. Also happens with Approaches sometimes.