Land of the Rising Sun

Land of the Rising Sun

Literally the land of the rising sun. But with some beauty.

For those who are interested in history of Mount Unzen…

  • Mount Unzen is several overlapping stratovolcanoes still active to this day
  • In 1792, a megatsunami caused by a volcanic eruption from Mount Unzen struck Kumamoto killing 1,500 people
  • The megatsunami from 1792 is called 島原大変肥後迷惑 which literally translates to “Shimabara’s Major Inconvenience to Higo (Now Kumamoto)”
  • In 1991 a pyroclastic flow occurred killing 43 people (3 were scientists) and caused many injuries. It lasted until 1995 and destroyed 2,000 homes.

This video shows the effect of the 1991 event

  • The tallest point in Mount Unzen (Also the tallest point in Nagasaki) is 平成新山 which means “Heisei’s New Mountain” (Heisei was Japan’s era from 1989 to 2019)

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I apologize that I’ve posted this thing before, but got confused with rather it was Mount Unzen or not which is now confirmed to be 100% Mount Unzen


Very interesting, I think you should totally keep making these!

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Nice post! The picture was great!

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🎶How about sunrise land?🎶

Very nice photo! Love exploring Japan from time to time

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Oh god… the legend Bill Wurtz

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